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  Improv House Party: Helter Shelter at Online Stream

Improv House Party: Helter Shelter

Online Stream

Delivering "comedy from the discomfort of your own home," Helter Shelter unites cast members from Second City's Chicago and Toronto resident stage ensembles in this live, satirical, and highly interactive comedy show. From hot takes on the week's news to absurd characters to improvisation, anything can happen when this cast lets loose on a topic, theme, or shared human experience. Expect the unexpected as the audience gets into the action in exciting new ways every week.

Presented by The Second City

Thru - May 30, 2020

Show Type: Comedy

  Improv House Party: Helter Shelter Reviews
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Daily Herald - Recommended

"...But the writer/actors, directors, musicians and technical experts who make up Second City's Chicago and Toronto ensembles have not sat idly. The sketch comedy masters have continued to do what they have always done: hold up a mirror to reflect the absurdities of modern life, and craft a joke to make the absurdities a little easier to bear."
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Barbara Vitello

Around The Town Chicago - Recommended

"...In "Helter Shelter", there will always be a theme of the week. The theme chosen for opening night was called "Paradigm Shift" and had to do with how life during the "new normal" differs from the "old normal", that is, prior to the pandemic and the quarantine. "What has changed in your lives?" was today's operative question. Yet the subtitle for the show was far more apt: "Delivering comedy from the discomfort of your own home.""
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Julia W. Rath

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