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  How Do We Navigate Space? Reviews
How Do We Navigate Space?
How Do We Navigate Space?

How Do We Navigate Space?
Strawdog Theatre Company at Online Stream
Thru - Apr 18, 2021

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Strawdog Theatre Company at Online Stream

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Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...The theme of navigating space is most literal in a funny but poignant wordless segment, "Six Feet Apart," in which Strebig, Chiu, and Petrelli try to walk down the sidewalk on a wintry night without running into each other. It becomes at points an absurdist dance of jumps and flailing arms to indicate the desire to create space-the public semaphore we've probably all adopted at some time this past year. There's another segment, set to a peppy jazz score, of the ensemble members trying to open doors and turn on faucets without using their hands, followed by shots of repetitive furious handwashing."
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Kerry Reid

Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...Written with imagination, elegiac splendor and sensitivity by Karissa Murrell Myers, the 70-minute performance piece plays like a collection of prose and poems, short stories and essays. Each component is titled with a different heading, such as Boredom, Space, Silence, Touching and other topics that are certain to hit home with audiences of all ages. There’s a lovely piece entitled Bach that features one of the actors playing their own string soundtrack. Another particularly powerful piece is told by an African America actor who provides a face and raw emotion to the Black Lives Matter movement, especially when a dangerous virus is lurking everywhere. Yet another actor brings a personal point of view to how painful and fearful it is to be an Asian-American during these dangerous days."
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Colin Douglas

Third Coast Review- Highly Recommended

"...How Do We Navigate Space? features Yuchi Chiu, Terri Lynne Hudson, Josie Koznarek, Gloria Petrelli and Erik Strebig. The team has devised a hybrid of film and theater, which runs about 65 minutes. Made up of movement, music, visual art and the words of real Chicagoans, the film tells a non-linear story of our diverse and complex city and how people search for connections."
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Nancy Bishop