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  Grace, or the Art of Climbing Reviews
Grace, or the Art of Climbing
Grace, or the Art of Climbing

Grace, or the Art of Climbing
Brown Paper Box Co. at Stage 773
Thru - Jul 8, 2019

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Brown Paper Box Co. at Stage 773

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Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...Evan Frank's set design represents the climbing gym where Emm trains with enough realism to present a physical challenge for the actors but enough imagination to support the show's whimsical nature. Despite the limitations of a black-box theater, there is authentic tension and power behind Emm's triumphs and failures as a climber thanks to director Erin Shea Brady's staging and the company's meticulous interactions with the space."
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Katie Powers

Around The Town Chicago- Somewhat Recommended

"...I truly do not enjoy using a rating system for a new work. As many of us know, Chicago gets many pre-Broadway shows that leave here looking like a short run is in store, but with fixes, the show survives and often plays for years there and on the road. Some plays return to their original starting theater unrecognizable to us. The new production of “Grace, Or The Art of Climbing” written by L.M.Feldman, a “Queer”, feminist playwright (and circus artist) tells us a story about Emm ( Alex Molnar is terrific, except for projection to the back row) who due to some bad stuff decides to enter the world of competitive rock-climbing. note: who even knew that there was such a thing?"
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Alan Bresloff

Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...Furthermore, both Feldman’s writing and Brady’s direction do a wonderful job of incorporating the art of climbing into the text. Grips, leg positions, what to do with your arms – those details are all marvelously researched and organically implemented. And this is where I return to the nature of subjects: this is a story that would not work on a large stage or in front of a camera; rather, this is a tale of sacrifice and perseverance, one that mines the climbing experience for touching metaphors and profound symbols; it is a tale that works in a small, intimate space, and I am ultimately thankful that I live in a city where such artistic expression is possible."
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Peter Ricci