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  Good Enough at Berwyn Cultural Center

Good Enough

Berwyn Cultural Center
6420 16th Street Berwyn

How good is good enough? Sometimes life's biggest questions confront you in seemingly mundane spaces: third period of a high school drama class, the sidelines of a soccer match, the middle of a busy Chicago intersection. Good Enough is Julie Ganey's funny and brutally honest attempt to do right. Because you can be all about your community and the greater good, but when push comes to shove, you look out for your own kid first.

Presented by 16th Street Theater

Thru - Apr 20, 2019

Price: $22-$30

Show Type: Comedy/Drama

Box Office: 708-795-6704

Running Time: 1hr, 20mins

  Good Enough Reviews
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Chicago Tribune - Recommended

"...This may all sound like typical white-liberal-guilt navel gazing, and indeed there are whiffs of that in Ganey's narrative from time to time. But it's leavened with self-deprecating wit - as when Ganey asks a staffer from the Chicago Coalition on the Homeless for a pamphlet about the dos and don'ts of giving money to panhandlers. Ever the rule-follower, Ganey is hoping some higher voice of authority has figured out the protocol."
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Kerry Reid

Chicago Reader - Somewhat Recommended

"...Ganey makes her counterarguments. But as directed by Megan Shuchman, Good Enough isn't about police brutality, Trump-era nationalism, homelessness or gentrification—all topics Ganey touches on. It's about how uncomfortable these issues make Ganey feel. Ganey advocates for civil discourse ("You see blue and I see red, let's sit down and have dinner together"), never considering that civility is both a luxury people under attack cannot afford and a weapon used to keep them from speaking up. Good Enough ends with a reminder that we should care and listen to each other, no matter our differences. Try telling that to a mother separated from her child at the border. Or a black man suffocating under a pile of cops."
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Catey Sullivan

NewCity Chicago - Somewhat Recommended

"...It would be easy to dismiss this show as a way for Ganey to rid herself of guilt for her actions, inactions and the actions of other women in similar positions. To do so, however, would be to simplify the complexities of human nature. This montage of Ganey's life story is an insight into the mind of a liberal, caucasian, Catholic-school educated woman, mother, daughter, wife, and sister. In a society so divided, it becomes imperative to listen to and talk about various perspectives, even those that might make us uncomfortable or those that feel like a person's preaching to the choir. This world premiere, directed by Megan Shuchman and featuring a clever and sometimes comical Donna Miller on cello, is a sample of what 16th Street Theater does best: tell a story to spark conversation."
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Mary Kroeck

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