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  Fooling Buddha Reviews
Fooling Buddha
Fooling Buddha

Fooling Buddha
First Folio Theatre
Thru - Mar 13, 2011

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First Folio Theatre

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Chicago Stage Standard- Recommended

"...Kovac is thoroughly adept at what he does, even adding in snippets of song here and there, philosophy, as well as that dreaded audience participation element. Don't worry, he tells his participants his aim is to send them back feeling like winners, and himself no doubt too. The charm of this kind of novelty show comes directly from its writer/performer, and fortunately Kovac is a delightful one. For a young man raised as a Buddhist, taught in Catholic school by Jewish teachers on African subjects, his is an interfaith amusement. And he is as adroitly witty as he is clever with the trickery, the balloon animal artistry and adept at keeping various balls in the air and his fedora standing freely on the bridge of his nose. David Kovac is a man of infinite jest."

Joe Stead