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  Five Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist at Pride Arts Center - The Broadway

Five Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist

Pride Arts Center - The Broadway
4139 N. Broadway Chicago

Desperately hilarious and achingly bleak, Five Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist is an intricate and tender exploration of our attempts to encounter each other in a technologized world, performed by a single actor interacting extensively with the audience. The play follows a twenty-something man as he recounts, sometimes very graphically, five of the sexual hookups he had with men he met through Craigslist. He asks the audience to help him recreate those encounters, but in ways that are symbolic rather than realistic.

Thru - Mar 15, 2020

Show Times TBA

Show Type: Comedy/Drama

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Chicago Theatre Review - Highly Recommended

"...The ruggedly handsome Mr. Sorensen is an excellent storyteller. Articulate, honest and relatable, heís as genuine and disarming as any person can be. Theatergoers soon give over entirely to Erikís sincerity and, in the process, discover more about themselves than the actor. Every performance will be unique because the audience, Erikís acting partner, will be different each night. Thereís some information imparted about psychologist Arthur Aron. He apparently explored how intimacy could be accelerated and improved between couples by coming up with a series of 36 questions that they could share. But the real heart of this exhilarating presentation is the truthful, transparent performance by Erik Sorensen thatís never make-believe. He develops a palpable chemistry between each audience member and himself that is absolutely real."
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Colin Douglas

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