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AstonRep Theatre at Edge Theatre
Thru - Oct 27, 2019

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AstonRep Theatre at Edge Theatre

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Chicago Reader- Highly Recommended

"...Today, the 46-year-old play strikes me as surprisingly timely, offering insight into how the jumbled barrage of fantasy images on the Internet may trigger psychosis in vulnerable disaffected young males."
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Albert Williams

Chicago Theatre Review- Highly Recommended

"...This 1975 Tony Award-winning play is from another time. It was the era of Neil Simon comedies, quirky, lighthearted plays, like “The Ritz,” “Same Time, Next Year” and “Butterflies Are Free,” as well as witty, darkly comic mystery plays, like “Sleuth” and “Deathtrap.” Because it was so intensely dramatic, featured full nudity and depicted a disturbing, true crime, Peter Shaffer’s play stood out as unique. Congratulations to Aston Rep, and particularly to Derek Bertelsen, for reviving this mesmerizing drama and giving it such a respectful, yet innovative production. Veteran theatergoers will remember seeing this thrilling drama, back in the day; younger audiences will be surprised by the story and captivated by the excellent performances, especially by Rian Jairell and Sean William Kelly, an actor we’ll hopefully see in more productions to come."
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Colin Douglas Highly Recommended

"...AstonRep has given this production of Equus at The Edge Theatre much of the power that must have made the original so notable - using choreography and stylized puppetry (Jeremiah Barr) - with imposing horse masks on six players. As Dysart painstakingly works to get Alan Strang to open up, we learn of the boy's history working with horses, his love for them, and Alan re-enacts scenes with his favorite horse - Nugget - very well played by Jordan Pokorney who doubles as the stablemaster, Horseman."
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Bill Esler

Chicago On Stage- Recommended

"...AstonRep’s Equus is well worth seeing. Despite its too-simple psychology, the play still works as an intense, heightened drama, and this company, led by a director who clearly loves exploring the twisting, muddled pathways through his characters’ minds, really delivers. And, despite my reservations, Jairell’s lead performance is certainly enthusiastic and compelling. But this production ends up as a true showcase for Kelly, a young actor I hope to see a lot in the future.
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Karen Topham

Picture This Post- Highly Recommended

"...If you admire top notch acting, Equus is a top pick for your time. Those with interests in the history of anti-psychiatry should especially make sure to find time to see this production. This is a classic and anyone who loves a tight script that thrills and engages in every moment should also shortlist Equus."
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Amy Munice