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  EL Stories: Holiday Train Reviews
EL Stories: Holiday Train
EL Stories: Holiday Train

EL Stories: Holiday Train
The Greenhouse Theater Center
Thru - Dec 22, 2018

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The Greenhouse Theater Center

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Chicago Reader- Recommended

"...After a two year hiatus, El Stories returns to its Greenhouse home for another celebration of the Christmas lights and decorations-emblazoned holiday train. Directed by Carinne Uslar, this year's edition features the usual mix of cringe-comedy, urban misadventures, and uplifting, unexpected acts of neighbors being good to one another."
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Dan Jakes

Chicago Stage Standard- Recommended

"...Taking place in a small theater at the Greenhouse Theater Center, they did a nice job evoking the ELís Holiday car (thanks to Tom and Jan Murrayís design, and Kaitlin Taylor and Brian Uslarís scenic and lighting design). The iron rods which create the frame of the EL car were wound with little Christmas lights which played a nice little role tieing the stories together, each seat was decorated, and Christmas gift wrap adorned the walls. Performance-wise I did notice a couple stutters here and there, and the attempts at Chicago accents were a bit off, but by and large it went off without a hitch."

Owen Glines

Chicago Theatre Review- Not Recommended

"...There were a few genuine laughs and few moments of recognition for me, but in the balance, not much in the show really resonated with me. Maybe Iím being a little particular because Iím a native Chicagoan who has ridden the CTA his whole life, but I know there are hundreds if not thousands of stories that take place on a train or bus in this city that run the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking. This collection of stories was not it."
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Kevin Curran

The Hawk Chicago- Somewhat Recommended

"...Ultimately, the production is a mixed bag. Some stories are touching, funny, and well told, while others feel like a poorly told tale from a drunk friend at a party. There is potential for this to be a great slice-of-life holiday piece with some major editing, but in its current form it might not be worth the price of admission."
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Ryan Moore