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  Dex and Abby at Pride Arts Center - The Broadway

Dex and Abby

Pride Arts Center - The Broadway
4139 N. Broadway Chicago

When two men fall in love, what happens if their pets don't get along? Dex and Abby are dogs with unique personalities, and when their owners move in together, all four members of the family have to figure out the rules of this new territory. Funny, touching, and a heartwarming tribute to our relationship with our furry best friends, DEX & ABBY is a comic delight.

Thru - Mar 15, 2020

Show Times TBA

Show Type: Comedy

  Dex and Abby Reviews
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Chicago Reader - Not Recommended

"...Less a play than a live-action doggy-themed greeting card, this show imagines what it would be like if a rich gay couple, Sean and Corey, moved in together, and if their dogs, who can talk, took a while to become friends. Daniel Vaughn Manasia and Chesa Greene as the titular pooch duo can wag those behinds all they want: they're dressed normally, their lines are inane garbage, and I just didn't buy that they were dogs. Sure, they're cute. But so is actual character development. So is costume design."
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Max Maller

Stage and Cinema - Recommended

"...“Love me, love my dog. [Then I’ll love you…}” That’s the operating assumption between Dex & Abby, a cross-species comedy/love play. At 130 minutes of industrial-strength sentimentality, this Chicago premiere from Pride Films and Plays will test your tolerance for anthropomorphized antics. It’s the feel-good story of comfort humans and stand-up dogs."
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Lawrence Bommer

Chicago Theatre Review - Recommended

"...For anyone who has ever been loved or owned by a dog, this new play, enjoying its Chicago premiere, is a must-see. It sweetly gives credence to cartoonist Charles Schulz’s astute declaration that “Happiness is a warm puppy.” The performances by Daniel Vaughn Manasia and Chesa Greene, as Dex and Abby, are pretty near perfection. Getting past the performances of their two pretentious gay masters will reward theatergoers with an evening of pathos, warmth and enlightenment. Just be warned to bring along a handkerchief."
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Colin Douglas

Third Coast Review - Recommended

"...Yes, this is a play about dogs-dogs portrayed by human actors. And they're not wearing cutesy animal outfits. They are in fact talented actors who have learned the ways of dogs. For that, we can also thank movement director Jaq Seifert, who worked with the humans who play the dogs. Dex & Abby, written by Allan Baker and directed by Daniel Washelesky, is a sweet and poignant human story about a special kind of blended family. It's on stage now at the Pride Arts Center."
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Nancy Bishop

Chicago On Stage - Recommended

"...Dex & Abby is a lovely play that will almost definitely make you both laugh and cry as it explores love and friendship in both humans and their dogs. (Bring tissues.) It’s most significant problem is excess: Baker would have been well advised to cut this 2:10 play into a 90-minute one-act, eliminating some of the superfluous and redundant middle scenes that make points we already understand. Still, its more playful touches, including the dogs’ movements and the repeated motif of signs showing time passing in both human months and dog years, are extremely satisfying and entertaining. If you love pets, you really owe it to yourself to see Dex & Abby; it probably won’t change how you see them, but it will certainly at least validate what you’ve been telling friends and family all along."
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Karen Topham

  Dex and Abby Photo Gallery

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