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  Corona at Otherworld Theatre


Otherworld Theatre
3914 N Clark Street Chicago

Captain Ariadne Minos must ferry the latest fourteen tributes to her home planet of Crete, where they will be fed as sacrifices to a fearsome bull. On the journey, she makes a surprise connection to two of her more forceful passengers: the headstrong prince Theseus, and Pneuma, a Healer who is outraged to face death with her medical education incomplete. However, as the spaceship nears its final destination, Ariadne must weigh the comfort of her new friends against family loyalties which have haunted her across the galaxy. The time has come for her to reconcile between monsters, gods, and men.

Thru - May 18, 2019

Show Type: Drama

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Chicago Reader - Somewhat Recommended

"...Stephanie Mattos is commanding as Ariadne, whose duality is explored in various ways, most interestingly as she vacillates from stoic stillness to an explosive dance routine (a nod to Uhura's Star Trek V fan dance). Lonely and seeking friendship, Ariadne connects with Pneuma (Gaby Hernandez), healer and comic relief, and handsome prince Theseus (Bill Gordon), who brings his best Peter Quill to bear as he meatheads his way around both women. Overseeing the ship is DY-O (Scott Olson), an OS who, like Vision, goes from CPU to sentient android."
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Josh Flanders

Rescripted - Highly Recommended

"...At just about an hour long, Corona feels like a brief glimpse into a lovely, dark, and strange world that feels like a place you saw in a dream one time. With its tense and mesmerizing atmosphere, razor-sharp themes about agency and control, and unique visual style, itís an absolute must-see."
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Aaron Lockman

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