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House of the Exquisite Corpse
House of the Exquisite Corpse Oct 7 - Oct 30, 2021
Rough House at Chopin Theatre

This October, descend into the House of the Exquisite Corpse, a horror peep-show, puppet-theater anthology. Peer through keyholes, cracks, and hidden doors to discover surreal worlds that will terrify and amaze.

Grimm Oct 7 - Oct 31, 2021
Theatre Above the Law at The Jarvis Square Theater

Taking place in a cabaret bar, Grimm works to spin well known tales into a modern story. Utilizing classic stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, and more, Grimm will weave multiple stories together to present to the audience.

People Do Do Such Things
People Do Do Such Things Oct 7 - Oct 10, 2021

Don Vito Corleone. Tony Soprano. HEDDA GABLER? Well, actually it's Hedda Rose Marie Gableroni, and she thinks it's time you hear her f***ing side of the f***ing cannoli. She didn't mean to shoot herself in the f***ing head! Woah, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Okay, so it all starts when Hedda marries brainy mobster George Tesmatelli, which is great because that means she can assume the glamorous role of mob wife. And then a bunch more stuff happens! Boredom! Murder! Lust! Hats! Embezzlement! Vine leaves! Simply put: This show is an offer you can't refuse.

The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice
The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice Oct 8 - Nov 21, 2021

Othello, the great Venetian general, unknowingly seals his fate when he fails to select his standard-bearer, Iago, for a military promotion. When his wife, Desdemona, is implicated in an affair, Othello is faced with a series of irreversible events that spell catastrophe for him and his country. Kelvin Roston, Jr. (Oedipus Rex, King Hedley II) returns to Court to star in this intimate new take on Shakespeare's complex tragedy about jealousy, ego, and betrayal. Directors Charles Newell and Gabrielle Randle-Bent and their team will rigorously interrogate how identity is constructed along personal, racial, and political lines.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Oct 8 - Nov 6, 2021
Black Button Eyes Productions at The Edge Theatre

Through his webcam, supervillain wannabe Dr. Horrible shares his grand plans to crush his nemesis Captain Hammer, win the affection of the girl of his dreams and join the Evil League of Evil- with songs!

This Wide Night
This Wide Night Oct 8 - Nov 13, 2021
Shattered Globe Theatre at Theater Wit

Lorraine, released from prison after twelve years inside, treks to her former cellmate Marie's new flat. Marie, dodgy and ashamed of their shared past, hesitates to welcome Lorraine back into her life. But no one makes Marie laugh like Lorraine. Can two friends, uniquely bonded by their former circumstances, find belonging in each other once more? This gutsy story of female friendship and winner of the 2009 Susan Smith Blackburn prize is inspired by real accounts of women in a UK prison. This Wide Night holds and humanizes two formerly incarcerated women in an isolated studio that may or may not be equipped for real freedom.

A Doll's House, Part 2
A Doll's House, Part 2 Oct 8 - Oct 24, 2021
Elgin Theatre Company at Elgin Art Showcase

In 1879 Nora closed the door on her unhappy marriage by walking out the door and actually leaving her husband and children behind. Now, fifteen years later, Nora returns to put final closure to the parts of her life that were left in limbo. However, when new information becomes known and emotionally loaded accusations come forth Nora is now left with unexpected decisions that must be made. Lucas Hnath's examination of the original Ibsen characters and the social morays including male/female relationships of this period is even more exciting when brought into the 21st century. This performance will leave you glued to your seat as the final outcome unravels. Nominated for eight Tony awards, this critical drama is a must see for everyone who is desiring to get back to outstanding live theater.

Home: a Celebration
Home: a Celebration Oct 13 - Oct 24, 2021
The Joffrey Ballet at Lyric Opera

The Joffrey's fall program marks a triumphant return to the stage with three world premiere performances from today's rising stars and the remount of a ballet classic by Joffrey co-founder Gerald Arpino.

Mothers and Sons
Mothers and Sons Oct 15 - Nov 6, 2021
Village Theatre Guild

Mothers and Sons deals with a woman who unexpectedly visits the New York apartment of her late son's partner, who is now married to another man and has a young son.

The Madness Of Edgar Allan Poe: A Love Story
The Madness Of Edgar Allan Poe: A Love Story Oct 15 - Nov 7, 2021

On the night of his legendary and mysterious death, Edgar Allan Poe relives the torment of his life and loved ones through his famous, blood-curdling stories that haunt him after his beloved wife's early death. Audiences will be fully immersed within the prose and poetry of Poe as they travel through the historic landmark Cheney Mansion. Our tremendous cast will reprise their roles to bring to life Poe's most famous and chilling tales, literally tap, tap, tapping at the chamber door...

Fannie, The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer
Fannie, The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer Oct 15 - Nov 14, 2021

Inspired by the life of famed civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer and performed and sung by Chicago's E. Faye Butler, this passionate rally cry defines what it means to be a true revolutionary. Chicago's own E. Faye Butler plays Fannie Lou Hamer, the 1960s civil rights activist whose courage, humor and grit reminds us that there's courage in the face of fire, hope in tomorrow and that we all have a stake in our country. Replete with music and spirituality, this electric, immersive call to action defines what it means to be a true revolutionary.

Born Yesterday
Born Yesterday Oct 15 - Nov 7, 2021
Saint Sebastian Players at St. Bonaventure Church

In this classic American comedy from 1950, an uneducated young woman, Billie Dawn, accompanies an older, uncouth junkyard tycoon, Harry Brock, to Washington, where he intends to make crooked deals with government bigwigs. When Billie embarrasses him socially, Brock hires a journalist, who happens to be investigating shady political activities, to educate her.

Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater
Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater Oct 16

"Style, flair, and bravura are never lacking" (Chicago Tribune) when this world-renowned company returns to the Auditorium with its fiery blend of flamenco, folkloric, traditional, and contemporary styles. Celebrating their 45th anniversary season titled "Zafiro Flamenco (Sapphire Flamenco): New Era, New Works, New Legacies," the Chicago-based company brings the spirit of Espaņa to this one-night- only performance. Featuring passionate dancers, live flamenco music, and vibrant costumes, Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater "never [fails] to demonstrate a grand theatricality, precision-tooled technique, and flamenco-based fire" (Chicago Tonight).

Alton Brown: Live! Beyond The Eats
Alton Brown: Live! Beyond The Eats Oct 16

Alton Brown is hitting the road with a new culinary variety show. Audiences can expect more comedy, more music, more highly unusual cooking demos, and more potentially dangerous science stuff. Prepare for an evening unlike any other and if Brown calls for volunteers...think twice.

Hamlet Oct 21 - Nov 21, 2021
Invictus Theatre Company at The Frontier

One of Shakespeare's most popular plays - in his time as well as in ours - HAMLET concerns the young Prince of Denmark, who is trying to decide whether or not to murder the uncle who he believes killed his father and then married his mother. One of the most influential works of literature, it contains one of the greatest roles ever written for an actor and such famous lines as "To be or not to be," "The play's the thing," and "to thine own self be true."

Deeply Rooted Dance Theater
Deeply Rooted Dance Theater Oct 23

Reimagining contemporary dance by uniting modern, classical, American, and African-American traditions, this remarkable company, celebrating its 25th anniversary, returns to the Auditorium Theatre's historic stage after 22 years. WTTW says "Deeply Rooted dancers set the stage on fire. The dancers are striking, with superb technique and an emotional heat ideally fitted to the choreography." The program's first act features work by nationally renowned choreographers including the company premiere of Ulysses Dove's Episodes, followed by the second act finale, GOSHEN, the Story of Exodus, with music by Grammy Award-winning producer, composer, and gospel artist Donald Lawrence.

Eurydice Oct 23 - Nov 21, 2021
The Artistic Home at The Den Theatre

Whisked down to the underworld on her wedding day, Eurydice tries to make sense of her memories and her passions, and poignantly reconnects with her long-dead father, even as her heartbroken groom seeks to wrench her back into the life she left behind. Ruhl's atmospheric play combines off-kilter, playful comedy with a wistful yearning for meaning and human connection. THE NEW YORK TIMES' Charles Isherwood, in reviewing the play's 2007 production at New York's Second Stage Theatre, called it "a weird and wonderful new play."