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  Christmas Bingo: Summer Edition Reviews
Christmas Bingo: Summer Edition
Christmas Bingo: Summer Edition

Christmas Bingo: Summer Edition
Online Stream
Thru - Jul 31, 2020

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Online Stream

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TotalTheater- Highly Recommended

"...You don't have to be Catholic, or Christian-or even know how to play bingo, for that matter-to feel at home within the dynamic invoked by this cozy replication of a recreational event occupying the fictional Our Lady of Good Fortune parish hall. The cozy atmosphere shared by all such community celebrations is reproduced in detail right down to the actual bingo games played, and the Holy Cards that accompany the "vintage" prizes, along with suggestions for re-gifting to kinfolk. (These include the St. Valentine card for the longest married couple, St. Michael for the inevitable siblings pursuing a career in the police force, and St. Dymphna for loony uncles and noisy hecklers.)"
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Mary Shen Barnidge