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Bunny's Book Club
Lifeline Theatre

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Chicago Reader- Recommended

"...Recommended for ages five and up, this one-act drew in younger audience members with physical comedy and direct address on the afternoon I attended. Kids were quick to answer even the most rhetorical of questions, and perhaps that storytelling component could be expanded even further to maintain engagement throughout."
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Marissa Oberlander

The Fourth Walsh- Highly Recommended

"...Kayer keeps the pace quick and tight. Aided by his design team (Amidei, Caitlin McLeod-scenic, Jenny Pinson- props, Jessica Neill- lighting, Sarah Espinoza- sound), the audience easily goes from burrow to library. Stacks of colorful books accumulate in both places. The enthusiastic ensemble are a playful commercial for literacy. They each promote a variety of special interest subjects. Hughes even gives reading an edgy, cool vibe. And Bullock embodies the most open-minded, kind librarian ever."
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Katy Walsh