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Boy Gets Girl
Boy Gets Girl

Boy Gets Girl
Saltbox Theatre Collective at The Edge Off-Broadway
Thru - Jan 27, 2019

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Saltbox Theatre Collective at The Edge Off-Broadway

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The Hawk Chicago- Recommended

"...The highlight of the show, by far, is the acting. The cast is solid from top to bottom, with a standout performance from Katie Zisson who plays Theresa. All characters deliver their lines with a sincerity that can be felt and genuine chemistry that can be seen. Monologues and perspectives have impact solely because the divide between character and actor is minimal; most points land because they are felt rather than told. Katie's face when she opens a particularly disturbing letter from Tony channels pure horror in a way that will be burned into your memory. Saltbox Theatre Collective should be highly commended for putting together such a strong cast for this production."
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Ryan Moore

Chicago On Stage- Highly Recommended

"...Boy Gets Girl turns the familiar Hollywood formula upside down, and we are left to join with Theresa in her harrowing nightmare. It's extremely disquieting, but also sadly real in a way those Hollywood endings are not, because we know that this time, if boy "gets" girl, it probably won't be a joyous moonlight meeting. We've been conditioned by cheesy romantic comedies to expect the boy to fight his way to the girl despite her objections, for that way lies the happy ending. But real life isn't about happy endings, and this play isn't either. It's full of excellent performances, strong direction, and taut writing, but in the name of the demon on the other shoulder. And it shows that even the most innocuous beginning can degenerate into darkness. It's a harsh reality, but this powerful play brings it home."
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Karen Topham