Bernard Productions
Shady Hills

Pay: Yes


Bernard Productions is casting for the upcoming Spring comedic/thriller of Shady Hills.

A crime is committed at the Shady Hills Senior Residence and money is stolen from the Bingo Box. The suspect, apprehended at a local theater, reveals schemes and hidden agendas involving several of the residents.

Betty Rye: Female; (70+) Black, African Descent; resident at the facility; Strong personality. Aggressive; somewhat of a bully.

Vera White: Female: (70+) Black, African Descent; resident at the facility; tries to rekindle her youthful, sexy days.

Laura Ann Grimes: Female: (70+) Black, African Descent; resident at the facility; lives in her delusional world, a bit absent-minded.

Dan Hampton: Male: (70+) Black, African Descent; resident at the facility; Best friend to Ernie Barnes; uses a cane;

Ernie Barns: Male: (70+) Black, African Descent; resident at the facility; Best friend to Dan Hampton; uses a walker;

Detective Fillmore: Male: (40+) Black, African Descent - Mild-mannered; observant; Ability to present a "take charge attitude" when needed.

Tricia: Female: (late 30's - 40's) Black, African Descent; Worker at the facility. Looks out for the senior residents. Charming and patient;
Hot Girl - Voiceover: (late 20's - 30's); Sexy dancer at club
(Dual roles)

Interrogator (Lt. Smith): Black, African Descent:(40+) Black, African Descent; Calm, mild-mannered demeanor; Has an air of confidence; outwardly non-judgmental.
Director: Male:(40+) Black, African Descent; works at local theater; eccentric with a possible accent
(Dual roles)

Manager Scott/Doctor/Pastor
Manager Scott: (40+) Black, African Descent, aggressive; unsavory character
(Dual roles)

Mr. Carmichael/Police #2
Mr. Carmichael: (40+) Black, African Descent - Slick, fast-talker; sleezy character
(Dual roles)

Sir Raleigh/Police #1
Sir Raleigh: (50+) Black, African Descent - Heavy set
(Dual roles)

Security Guard/Cameraman
(30+) Black, African Descent
(Dual roles)

Pay: $300-$500

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals begin March 8th and will be held Saturdays 2-6pm and Wednesdays-Fridays 7-10pm.
Tech April 24-27.
Run April 28-30, 2023.
All performances at DuSable Black History Museum.

Contact Info:

Please send Headshot/Resume & two contrasting monologues - comedic & dramatic (1 minute) to:

Auditionees will be contacted if selected and given sides at that time.
Auditions will be held on Saturday February 4 from 2-6pm by appointment only.

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