City Lit Theater
Aztec Human Sacrifice

Pay: Yes


City Lit seeks musical theatre performers of color, especially Hispanic and Indigenous singer/actors, for this world premiere musical written by Kingsley Day and Philip LaZebnik and directed by Jay Espaņo. The Aztec sun god wages a war against darkness. To preserve the Aztec empire and the world itself, the high priest makes early-morning sacrifices, cutting the still-beating heart from the sacrificed human-many of whom consider it a great honor. The new chosen one, however, feels differently and has run off with the emperor's daughter. If he is not found by dawn, the sun will not rise and the world will end.

The first round of auditions are virtual. Please submit a video of you singing 32 bars of a song from a classic or contemporary musical-any song that showcases your range well.

Pay: $100 rehearsal stipend, plus $20 per performance (23 performances);total compensation $560.


The Chosen One: baritenor (Bb2-F#4), strong comic actor-singer, able to play age 18-20. The long-cloistered ceremonial victim. The survival of the world supposedly depends on his being sacrificed, but he alone is skeptical.

The Princess: mezzo-soprano (A3-F#5), able to play 18-25. The Emperor's daughter; alluring, feisty, and seductive.

The High Priest: deep, dark-voiced bass (F#2-D4), age range 40 and up. The Chosen One's nemesis.

The Emperor: baritenor (A2-F4), age range 40-60. The Aztec empire's worried ruler.

The Sorcerer: countertenor (C#4-F#5), any adult age. A spooky apparition; also plays two small dialogue-only roles.

Ensemble: 8 strong singers (2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors, 2 basses) who are capable of learning difficult vocal harmonies and who play a variety of smaller roles.

Time Commitment:

Performance dates: May 5, 2023-June 18, 2023b1 Performance schedule Fridays and Saturday evenings, Sunday afternoons, plus two Monday evening performances, June 5 and 12.b1 Rehearsals begin March 26, 2023b1 Rehearsal schedule: Monday through Thursday evenings plus one weekend afternoon weekly. Some variance during tech.

Contact Info:

Email your video to The deadline for submission is Sunday, January 29. Callbacks will be held in February, will be in-person, and will involve material from the show.

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