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The Whiskey Radio Hour

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We are currently taking director submissions for Episode 25 of the Whiskey Radio Hour, which will be on Wednesday, March 8 at Chief O'Neill's Pub and Restaurant.

You and the cast of your assigned 10-minute play MUST be available for a rehearsal with the Whiskey Radio Band on Sunday, March 5 at Oomphotography (4700 N Sacramento). At this rehearsal, our talented Foley artist will work with you and the rest of the band to integrate the Foley cues (which will be performed live) into your show.

Due to all of the sound cues being performed live, no digital recordings can be used during the performance. You will be asked to create a Foley cue sheet to communicate your sound needs to our Foley person. (And think big-we've done everything from a train going by to a car stereo playing reggaeton.)

There is no space for large physical objects on the stage. Likewise, the turnover time between radio pieces is extremely small-around thirty seconds. Therefore, setup time must be kept to an absolute minimum.

A maximum of four actors can be on stage for each play. If your play requires more characters, you're welcome to double cast or come up with a creative solution.

The Whiskey Rebellion will provide up to four music stands for your actors' scripts. They can be on book.

Each episode of the Whiskey Radio Hour is recorded, and then put on the internet for anyone to download free of charge. To check out past episodes, visit our bandcamp page:

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Please submit a directing resume, along with a short description of your interest in the radio play format, to by end of day Sunday January 29.

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