Random Acts
December: Berkshire County

Pay: Stipend


Random Acts seeks actors for digital performance of "December: Berkshire County"

Random Acts' next online presentation is a dramatic adaptation of the infamous Real Housewives of New York saga during the holidays of 2016.

While the text is lifted directly from the series, the characters will not be played as impersonations. Actors of all identities and backgrounds are encouraged to apply as long as you are comfortable filming remotely.

Stipend: All artists will receive an even split of proceeds with a base rate of $20.

Time Commitment:

1 Rehearsal - Thursday, 12/8 from 6-10pm
1 Recording - Friday, 12/9 at 6pm via Zoom.

The recorded stream will premiere in the final weeks of December.

Contact Info:

To submit, please send your headshot/resume along with a short video, reel, or performance sample to RandomActsCast@gmail.com. If you wish to record something new, please pick your favorite Housewives monologue and perform it like it was written by Tracy Letts.

Reply To Email: RandomActsCast@gmail.com
Website: www.RandomActsNetwork.com