Black Ensemble Theater
2023 General Auditions

Pay: Yes


The Black Ensemble Theater will hold auditions for it's upcoming 2023 Season of "Rejuvenation"


"Reasons" A Tribute to Earth, Wind, and Fire
Maurice White AA Male-25-40
Verdine White AA Male -25-40
Phillip Bailey AA Male-25-40
Ensemble Women-All inclusive
Ensemble Men-All Inclusive

"The Real Housewives of Motown"
Betty-AA Female 25-35
Mary-AA Female 25-35
Patricia-AA Female 25-35
Lorraine-AA Female 25-35
Teresa-All Inclusive
Judy-All Inclusive
Ensemble Women-All Inclusive
Ensemble Men-All Inclusive

"Chaka Khan"
Chaka Khan-AA Female 20-45
Taka-AA Female 20-40
Chaka's Mother-AA Female 45-60
Chaka's Father-AA Male 45-60
Ensemble Men-All Inclusive
Ensemble Women-All Inclusive

"The Other Cinderella"
Cinderella-AA Female-18-30
The Prince-AA Male 18-30
The Queen-AA Female 45-60
The King-Aa Male 45-60
The Page-AA M/F 18-30
Stepmomma-AA Female 45-60
Stepsisters-AA Female 18-30

Pay: Cat 4 Equity; non-equity $350w

Time Commitment:

"Reasons" A Tribute to Earth Wind and Fire (Written and Directed By Daryl Brooks)
First Rehearsal: January 24th 2023
Tech Feb. 21st
Previews: Feb 25,26, March 3rd,4th
Opens: March 5th
Close: April 30th

"The Real Housewives of Motown" (Written and directed by Michelle Renee Bester)
First Rehearsal: April 18th
Tech: May 16th
Previews: May 20,21,26,27
Open: May 28th
Close: July 23rd

"Chaka Khan" (Written and Directed bb Rueben Echoles)
First Rehearsal July 18th
Tech: August 15th
Previews: Aug. 19th,20,25,26
Open: Aug. 27th
Close: Oct 15th

"The Other Cinderella" Written and Directed by Jackie Taylor
First Rehearsal Oct 10th
Tech: Nov 7th
Previews: Nov. 11th,12,17,18
Open: Nov. 19th
Close: Jan 14th 2024

Material To Prepare:

Please prepare 2 soul songs of your choice. To be performed Accapella