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A Raisin in the Sun

Pay: Yes


The Beverly Arts Center of Chicago announces auditions for its professional non-equity production of Lorraine Hansberry's classic play, A Raisin in the Sun. The production is slated to have performances February 9 - 19, with the possibility of school matinee performances on Monday February 13 and Tuesday, February 14.

Seeking actors for all roles.

In-person auditions by appointment, Monday, December5 and Tuesday, December 6. If necessary, callbacks will be held by invitation, Wednesday, December 7th.


All roles are paid. Actor compensation will be scaled based on the size of the role and time commitment in rehearsals.

Walter Lee Younger: Lead, Male, age range 30-40: The protagonist of the play; Walter is a dreamer; he wants to be rich and devises plans to acquire wealth with his friends, particularly Willy Harris; when the play opens, he wants to invest his father's insurance money in a new liquor store venture; he spends the rest of the play endlessly preoccupied with discovering a quick solution to his family's various problems.

Beneatha Younger ('Bennie'): Supporting, Female, age range 19-25. Mama's daughter and Walter's sister; Beneatha is an intellectual; twenty years old, she attends college and is better educated than the rest of the Younger family; some of her personal beliefs and views have distanced her from conservative Mama; she dreams of being a doctor and struggles to determine her identity.

Lena Younger ('Mama'): Lead, Female, age range 55-65. Walter and Beneatha's mother; the matriarch of the family, Mama is religious, moral, and maternal; she wants to use her husband's insurance money as a down payment on a house with a backyard to fulfill her dream for her family to move up in the world.

Ruth Younger: Lead, Female, age range 29-37. Walter's wife and Travis's mother; Ruth takes care of the Youngers' small apartment; her marriage to Walter has problems, but she hopes to rekindle their love; she is about thirty, but her weariness makes her seem older; constantly fighting poverty and domestic troubles, she continues to be an emotionally strong woman; her almost pessimistic pragmatism helps her to survive.

Travis Younger: Supporting, Male, age range 9-12. Walter and Ruth's sheltered young son; Travis earns some money by carrying grocery bags and likes to play outside with other neighborhood children, but he has no bedroom and sleeps on the living-room sofa.

Joseph Asagai: Supporting, Male, age range 24-34. A Nigerian student in love with Beneatha; Asagai, as he is often called, is very proud of his African heritage, and Beneatha hopes to learn about her African heritage from him; he eventually proposes marriage to Beneatha and hopes she will return to Nigeria with him.

George Murchison: Male, age range 29-36. A wealthy, African-American man who courts Beneatha; the Youngers approve of George, but Beneatha dislikes his willingness to submit to white culture and forget his African heritage; he challenges the thoughts and feelings of the other characters through his arrogance and flair for intellectual competition.

Mr. Karl Lindner: Supporting, age range 35-50 The only white character in the play; Mr. Lindner arrives at the Youngers' apartment from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association; he offers the Youngers a deal to reconsider moving into his (all-white) neighborhood.

Bobo: Supporting, Male, age range 30-40 One of Walter's partners in the liquor-store plan.

Mrs. Johnson: Supporting, Female, age range 40-60 The Youngers' neighbor; Mrs. Johnson takes advantage of the Youngers' hospitality and warns them about moving into a predominately white neighborhood; nice cameo role.

Moving Men/Crew: Background / Extra, Male, 18+ The two moving men appear at the end of the play to assist with the move; they will also work with the Stage Manager as members of the backstage crew; age open.

Pay: $100 - $300

Time Commitment:

Reahearsals are set to begin in mid-December with the bulk of rehearsal time set for January and February 2023. Most Beverly Arts Center shows rehearse 3-4 times per week.

Material To Prepare:

Please prepare a short dramataic monologue for this audition, aligned with the role for which you are auditioning. Please also bring a current headshot and resume to your audition appointment.

Contact Info:

To sign-up for an audition appointment, please use the following links:

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