Victory Gardens Theater
2021-2022 Season

Pay: Yes


On behalf of the staff of Victory Gardens Theatre and casting team of The Chicago Inclusion Project, thank you for your interest in VG's upcoming season. This will serve as a virtual EPA, video submissions in place of holding live Equity Auditions for upcoming mainstage productions, the Ignition New Play program and other upcoming readings.

Contract details:
AEA Performers - $510/week minimum + health/pension)
Non AEA Performers - minimum of $300 and provide EMC points
All roles for the mainstage productions will be understudied

While these tapes will serve as the required EPA for our season, our virtual auditions are open to ALL actors (AEA and non-AEA). Actors of all ethnicities, physical abilities, sizes, ages and gender identities for upcoming mainstage productions, the Ignition New Play program and other upcoming readings TBA

Mainstage Productions:
Queen of the Night by travis tate
Directed by Ken-Matt Martin Regional Premiere
1st Rehearsal: Jan 4
1st Preview: Jan 29
Opening: Feb 4
Closing: March 13

In Every Generation by Ali Viterbi
Directed by Devon de Mayo World Premiere
1st Rehearsal: March 8
1st Preview: April 2
Opening: April 8
Closing: May 1

cullud wattah by Erika Dickerson-Despenza
Directed by Lili-Anne Brown Regional Premiere
1st Rehearsal: May 17
1st Preview: June 11
Opening: June 17
Closing: July 17

IGNITE Chicago Reading Series
Titles/Playwrights/Directors TBA
November 8 2021-April 30 2022

Material To Prepare:

What to submit:
The newly appointed Artistic Director Ken-Matt Martin is excited to truly get to know the Chicago actor community. In a perfect world, we would set up in-person conversations, but since that is not possible at the moment we offer a new way of looking at the Equity Principal Auditions. Understanding that there will be callbacks and other opportunities to work with text, this is our chance to virtually meet you where you're at in this specific moment. Please tell us a personal story you're excited to share. We're not asking for a perfectly crafted written piece or stand-up comedy. Just a glimpse into your life.

Some prompts you can use as a jumping off point (choose one):
-When did you know you found your chosen family?
-What was a moment where someone you really knew surprised you?
-What is a moment in your childhood that defines who you are now?

But really, any story you want to share about yourself. Please do not feel bound to these prompts!

Story up to 2 minutes in length (link to unlisted youtube or vimeo video). For your slate, please include your name, city you're residing in currently, and anything else you'd like the artistic team to know about you.

Optional: existing footage (reels, b-roll, etc) no more than 3 years old, not to exceed 1 min total (truly optional).

Contact Info:

Please email video audition and slate, as well as your updated headshot and resume to by November 1, 2021 at 12:00pm.

Reply To Email: