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Final Audition

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3rd Act Productions is seeking comedy/improv actors & actresses to workshop a new play by critically-acclaimed author & playwright John Ruane titled, Final Audition, A last chance for the role of a lifetime. The three-act play is an inspirational comedy about the actors and actresses living in the Wells Street Hotel on the near north side of Chicago, who are working to land their "big break." It's an ensemble piece but centers on the story of a 50 year-old actress who has experienced all of the heartaches inherent in the life of an actress and is ready to throw in the towel and go back to Normal (Illinois), her hometown.

Sally Cochrane: Lead, 50s, Caucasian, sharp wit; supports herself by managing front desk at Wells Street Hotel; frustrated from years of acting and never landing a big break, she is ready to throw in the towel when a lead opportunity is presented to her and she must decide if she will do one final audition.

Jim Brotstein: 20-30s, big, loud, obnoxious, funny actor, full of himself, keeps avoiding paying rent to Sally while claiming his big break is coming, always the next day.

Colleen McNule: 20-30s, brunette, lacks self-confidence, doesn't land many roles, good friend of Sallys, jealous of Bonnie.

John Simon: 30s-40s, good-hearted, full of integrity, a bit na´ve about women, mission in life is to write great plays that make positive social commentary.

Mike Cochrane: early 20s, Sally's son, aspiring actor.

Bonnie Lunt: 20s-30s, beautiful blonde, ultra-confident, manipulative, very successful landing parts.

Elliott Pruett III: 30s-40s, bearded, professorly, dresses in tweed jackets and corduroy slacks, smokes pipe, cynical, snobbish, complete phony.

Nick Michaels: Intellectual from 1960s, who caught his big break young and went on to become a very famous writer/director on Broadway and in films.

Time Commitment:

To finalize the play, there will be six rehearsals followed by four workshop performances in a small theater.

Contact Info:

Submit 1-2 minute self-taped comedy piece along with the character role being sought via WeTransfer.com to 3rdactchicago@gmail.com
Submission deadline Wed 10/20, 2021 at 5pm.

Reply To Email: 3rdactchicago@gmail.com