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Wellesley Girl

Pay: Yes


Compass Theatre is seeking submissions for Understudy roles in its up-coming production of Wellesley Girl by Brandon Pelsue and directed by James Fleming.

It is 2465. American Politics hasn't changed much. Except that "America" is now only a handful of New England towns in a walled-in citadel due to a global environmental disaster. The population is so small that everyone is a member of Congress. An unidentified army has encamped at the border. All members of Congress must move beyond personal agendas and petty bickering and decide the nation's fate. And it is snowing. This is a play about politics, and like politics, it's funny until it suddenly isn't


Any ethnicity. Max's wife, she has a dry, sharp wit; she is emphatically clear-thinking and honest, willing and able to push the envelope past the comfort zone in order to publicly voice her beliefs.

Any ethnicity. Unwilling or unable to take a position, has his own ideas but doesn't share them; he sees both sides and can be swayed either way, he is a strong, solid person, honest, has the potential to be influential, but doesn't like to argue.

35 or older. Any ethnicity. A hard-headed a right-wing libertarian in the style of William F. Buckley or the CATA Institute.

30 or older. Any ethnicity. A know-it-all, an ambitious, newly elected public official in the style of the current Tea-party.

30 or older. Any ethnicity. The Town Manager/Chief Executive, she deeply believes in law and order, keeps everything very close to the chest, she believes that this world is so fragile she must keep everyone in line to avoid disaster, she is not sinister but will do what it takes, can be tender private but in public she shows no vulnerability.

55-65. African American. She represents the whole of the Supreme Court, tries to listen and be constitutional in her decisions, there is a grandeur to her as she tries to capture the weight of her decisions but doesn't like being this responsible, also needs excellent comedic skills

Pay: Yes. Pay dependent on experience. $50 per performance fee in addition to salary. We encourage our understudies to attend one performance a week and offer a complimentary ticket for each weekly performance understudy attends so that understudy may bring a guest.

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals start right after Thanksgiving. First 3 weeks of rehearsal are at City Lit Theatre. The remaining rehearsals and performances will be in Theatre 3 at Theatre Wit. We are off several days for Christmas and New Years. Show opens January 7th at Theatre Wit with 18 shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and Sunday Matinee. One Tuesday evening performance 1/25.

Understudies are welcome to attend any and all rehearsals. We encourage understudies to attend all run-though rehearsals. Attendance at Read Through, all Dress Rehearsals and Previews are mandatory. Understudies are also required to attend understudy rehearsals held by our Stage Manager after opening.

Contact Info:

If interested in understudying for Compass Theatre's production of Wellesley Girl please email Compass Theatre at with the subject line, "Wellesley Girl understudy." Please include your headshot and resume.

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