Jacaranda Collective
Out Of The Loop

Pay: % Of Ticket Sales


What is it? Out of the Loop- A live monthly show produced by Jacaranda Collective at Epiphany Center for the Arts on the second Wednesday of every month, hosted by Bailey Savage and Halie Robinson.

Official Show description: OUT OF THE LOOP-- A live monthly interdisciplinary variety show that fosters artist-to-artist connections. With an emphasis on out-of-the-box thinking and audience interaction, Out of the Loop is the only platform for experiential acts that vary so widely, you won't know where we're headed next. Out of the Loop: Your Unexpected Detour.

When is it? Wednesday, October 13th starting at 7:30pm with possible 2nd showing at 9:30pm pending ticket sales.
-Submissions due by September 22nd at 11:59 pm
-You will know by September 25th if you have been selected

-You may be required to attend one rehearsal prior to performance

What are we looking for? We are working to curate a series of acts that are exceptional, spectacular, and unique. Individual, duo, and group performances are all welcome.

Each month we will have a theme to stimulate performers' imaginations. The theme for our first show in October will be "LET'S DO THE TIME WARP." Retro-inspire Acts Guaranteed to Spook.

Have an old favorite that you can add a little spookiness to? A performance piece, an expression of art? Does a song come to mind that you have an awesome cover of? A scene from an old movie? A series of jokes? A sketch? A scene? A circus or magic act? A segment of a cooking show? A combination of those things? Get creative and let us see it. Bring your top game and best ideas. Actors, singers, dancers, clowns, magicians, musicians, acrobats, comedians, people who don't even consider themselves performers--exceptional humans of all kinds are invited to submit.

Don't have a specific idea? That's okay. We're looking for talented people. Bring us anything you have and we'll work together to elevate it for Out of the Loop.

We are looking for bold performers who are creative and proud of their work, who want to be part of something bigger in the community. Out of the Loop is not simply a variety show or a cabaret. If you are cast, you will become a part of this month's ensemble. You will not just perform your piece and then go home, you will be involved in various aspects of the production and conspire with us to create something great.

The goal of Out of the Loop is to make people feel like they have come together to experience something different, to feel alive and inspired-- audience and artists included. We encourage interactive acts that creatively involve the audience.

Audition Time/Date: Accepting Online Submissions for October 13th Show until September 22nd 11:59 pm. PLEASE NOTE: We will let you know by September 25th if you have been selected for the September 8th show, but your submission may be considered for future month's shows, so do not be afraid to present anything you've got, even if you're unsure it "fits" with our October theme.

Jacaranda Collective Members: Sam Bianchini, Kade Cox, Halie Robinson*, Bailey Savage*
*Hosts of Out of the Loop

Pay Rate: 50% of Jacaranda Collective's ticket sales split evenly per performer. Guaranteed at least $50 per performer.

Show Location:
Epiphany Center of the Arts
201 S Ashland Ave
Chicago, Illinois

Time Commitment:

Rehearsal: IF NEEDED - TBD at time of casting (within a few days before the performance). 2-3 hours.

Show: October 13th with one show at 7:30 and a possible second show at 9:30 pending ticket saless 5pm-11pm.

Contact Info:

To Submit: Shoot us an email at jacarandacollective@gmail.com
Please include the following information:
Contact Info:
If you play an instrument, what is it?
Do you sing?

Please attach the following:
-Resume if you have one
-Headshot if you have one
-A recording of your act, either as a file or as a link to Youtube/Vimeo, no longer than 5 minutes in length. No need to worry about a professional set up when filming. Just make sure we can see and hear you clearly!
-We recommend using the app "HandBrake" (free to download) to make file sizes smaller.

For any questions or general inquiries, please contact jacarandacollective@gmail.com

More information about Epiphany: https://epiphanychi.com/

More information about Jacaranda Collective: https://www.jacarandacollective.com

Reply To Email: jacarandacollective@gmail.com