Kirk Players
Night of January 16th

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The Kirk Players will be holding auditions for the courtroom drama Night of January 16th. We will be assigning in person time slots for auditions anywhere from 7-10pm on August 9th and 11th. If you are only able to audition on one of these two nights or would not be able to attend callbacks, please mark that on your form. Callbacks will be from 7-10pm on August 12th. All auditions and rehearsals (except tech week) will be held at St. Andrew Church in Mundelein. Deadline to submit audition forms is August 3.

Note: auditioners must wear masks coming into the St. Andrew's building and during their wait time.

Set in a courtroom during a murder trial, an unusual feature of the play is that members of the audience are chosen to play the jury. The court hears the case of Karen Andre, a former secretary and lover of businessman Bjorn Faulkner, of whose murder she is accused. The play does not directly portray the events leading to Faulkner's death; instead, the jury must rely on character testimony to decide whether Andre is guilty. The play's ending depends on their verdict. Rand's intention was to dramatize a conflict between individualism and conformity, with the jury's verdict revealing which viewpoint they preferred.

Character List:

Karen Andre (Female, 28-40)

Defense Attorney Stevens (Male or Female, should present as 40+)

District Attorney Flint (Male or Female, should present as 30+)

Larry 'Guts' Regan (Male, 30-50*)

Dr. Kirkland (Male or Female, should present as older)

John Hutchins (Male, should present as age 60+)

Homer Van Fleet (Male, should present as 35+)

Magda Svenson (Female, should present 50+)

Inspector (Elmer) Sweeney (Male or Female, should present as 30+)

Nancy Lee Faulkner (Female, should present as 22-32)

John Graham Whitfield (Male, should present as age 60+)

Mr. /Ms. (James) Chandler (Male or Female, should present as 40+)

Siegurd Jungquist (Male, should present as late 30s+)

Judge Heath (Male or Female, should present as 40+)

Clerk (court clerk) (Male or Female, should present as 25+)

Bailiff (court officer) (Male or Female, should present as 25+)

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals: M, W, TH (8/16 - 10/7) 7pm - 10pm @ St. Andrew Church
Tech Week: 10/10 - 10/14 5:30pm - 11pm @ Mundelein High School
Performances: 10/15 - 16 7:30pm and 10/17 2:00pm @ Mundelein High School

Contact Info:

Please go to for more information and to submit your forms, resumes and photos.

Please submit your completed audition form, headshot, and conflicts at your earliest convenience.