Film Audition
Burden of the Orb

Pay: Yes


A former priest embarks on a journey across time, as he comes to terms with his feelings for a woman who may be his cousin.

A short film in the manner of a dream, written and directed by Javier Carmona.

COUSIN: A woman, older than 30, who, because of a prior injury, lost her ability to speak her original language and accompanies a former priest on a quest to recuperate it. She can only speak her native tongue in his dreams. Cousin believes one must go out and gain knowledge through experience and looks to the physicality of life. (This character should speak Spanish or another Mediterranean language convincingly. Character was written to be Latin, Mediterranean or Ethnically Ambiguous.)
Five days shooting, including July 19th in Milwaukee.

WANDA: older than COUSIN, a black woman in nurse's scrubs, pays a house call to Father tending to his heart condition. She notices the growing attraction between Father and Cousin. (Character uses stethoscope and blood pressure gauge.)
One day of shooting on July 24th. Chicago location.

Pay: $300/day
Reel footage, Meals, Transport to Milwaukee provided.

Time Commitment:

First Reading / Wardrobe Fitting: July 8
Principle Photography / Chicago locations: July 15, 16, 23, (Evenings) and 24th (Morning).
Principle Photography / Milwaukee shoot: July 19th (Mid-Day, Cousin only)

Material To Prepare:

COUSIN: Choose either English/Spanish Sides or English with Dialogue needing Translation indicated in script. Film only one script.

WANDA: Sides are in English.

Script and Sides provided for Audition purposes only:

Contact Info:

Self-tape auditions with the usual parameters (stationary, horizontal camera, off-camera reader, blank background). Please label your files: YourName_Role.fileformat. Provide an .mov or .mp4 file via WeTransfer.Com, or a DropBox link to

Attach headshot and resume to your submission.

Video Submissions Due: Friday, June 18th, 5pm CST.

Any questions, please email:

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