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The Things I Could Never Tell Steven

Pay: Stipend


PrideArts will be presenting the Chicago premier of Australian Jye Bryant's new musical, The Things I Could Never Tell Steven to be directed by PrideArts' new artistic director, Jay Espano with Robert Ollis as musical director.

The Things I Could Never Tell Steven is a one act revue-style musical with four characters who each share intimate details of living with Steven. Although we never meet Steven, we learn about him through the disclosures of his Wife, Mother, Father and his Ex-Boyfriend.

We are currently accepting video auditions. Callbacks will be in-person on June 19 and 20, 2021 at the Pride Arts Center, 4139 N. Broadway between 10AM to 2PM.

Please note that we are flexible with respect to the age ranges and types suggested by the author. Persons of all ethnicities, gender identities and disabilities are welcome.

Wife: Steven's naive and enduringly selfless wife. 20-30 year old. Mezzo Soprano (G3-F5). She is fiercely loyal, deeply thoughtful yet surprisingly vengeful when she feels betrayed.

Mother: Steven's comically overbearing mother. 40+ years old. Mezzo Soprano (G3-E5). She is loud, a little bit posh, regularly intoxicated, highly deluded and obsessed with maintaining the perfect image of her fractured family.

Father: Steven's distant and emotionally stifled father. 40+ years old. Baritone (F3-E5). He is quietly reflective, highly realistic and surprisingly intuitive when it comes to Steven.

The Ex-Boyfriend: Steven's seemingly superficial and proudly adventurous ex-boyfriend. 20-30 year old. Tenor (Ab3-A5). He is more than the hyper-sexualised exterior he hides behind, surprisingly moral, he has an unassuming strength of character.

Pay: Stipend of $400

Time Commitment:

Rehearsals will begin July 19. Previews start August 19, with opening night on August 23. Performances are Thursday - Sunday. Closing is on September 19.

Contact Info:

Please record 2 songs (at least a minute and half each) that best features your vocal range and send the video link (either YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform of your choice) to with a subject heading STEVEN by 11:59pm on June 16, 2021. Along with your head shot and cover letter that includes your pronouns, indicate the role that you want to be considered for.

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