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Talk Radio

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Three Brothers Theatre is proud to present Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio. This production will be an audio only play and all that will be required from actors are their vocal talents.

This production includes content that may be upsetting to some listeners. The content of Talk Radio is deliberately rough in order to provoke. Our hope by exploring this work is to acknowledge and examine the history of talk radio to gain insight into its current forms.

The cast will consist of seven characters, each character with the exception of Barry playing multiple roles. The role for Barry has been cast.

Barry Champlain-Host of WKLK's Night Talk

Stu Noonan/callers- Barry's call engineer, any ethnicity between 28-38

Spike/Callers-Young and obnoxious caller. any ethnicity between 18-25

Linda MacArthur/Callers- Barry's assistant. any ethnicity between 25-38

Dan Woodruff/Callers- Barry's manager. any ethnicity between 28-38

Sidney Greenburg- Host of financial talk show before Night Talk. Male, any ethnicity 25-35

Male callers- Any ethnicity 20s and above

Female callers- Any ethnicity 20s and above

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Those interested, please send a video audition to with a one minute comedic monologue.

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