The Sixth Festival
Short Play Festival

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The Sixth Festival, Chicago needs fabulous non-equity actors for a program of short plays highlighting the climate emergency. This short play festival of five plays is in partnership with Chicago Park District's "Night Out in the Parks" and will perform in Berger Park on June 26th, 2021. It will also have a recorded version that anyone can stream for free from June 27th to July 5th. Plays range from the very serious to the seriously satirical. Each of the 6-8 ensemble actors will be in 2 of the plays, there's a $50 honorarium, we will be performing maskless and with body mics. Rehearsal dates and times are listed below - please only apply if you can work with these dates.

Casting needs:
20s-30s Black male actor to play either: Brit (Assistant Professor of US History on Race and Equality) OR Dionysus at North Halsted Market Days PLUS Anthony, California inmate firefighter.

20s-30s Latinx male actor to play either The Archangel Gabriel at N. Halsted Market Days OR Brit (Assistant Professor of US History on Race and Equality) PLUS Ignacio, California inmate firefighter.

20s-30s white male actor to play either Alex (sceptic lawyer) OR a Ticket Taker at N. Halsted Market Days PLUS Paul, California inmate firefighter.

Please check out for North Halsted Market Day info. Plays will be directed by Patrice Egleston and stage managed/produced by Claire Kaplan.

The Sixth Festival is a company of new and experienced actors and musicians who came together to make a vibrant response to the climate emergency. We created and hosted 25 events (8 in person and outdoors) during Earth Week 2021. Our mission is to Gather, Illuminate, and Activate people to respond to the climate emergency NOW.

Time Commitment:

Read-through. June 13th. All called. Online.
Staggered rehearsals. June 16 and 17, evenings. Online.
Staggered rehearsal. June 18, 5-9. In space, outdoors. Off-book.
Run-Through of all pieces. June 20th, 5-10.
Staggered recordings. June 21, 22, 23. Evenings. 5-10pm.
June 24th OR 25th, run-through in Berger Park, 5-8.
June 26th, run-through (if needed), sound-check, 5:00 show. 1-6:30pm.

Contact Info:

Please submit your headshot and resume to by June 15th.

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