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Oil Lamp Theater

Shipwrecked! An Entertainment

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

Oil Lamp Theater is seeking submissions for its summer outdoor production of Shipwrecked! An Entertainment-The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (as Told by Himself) by Donald Margulies. This production will be directed by Corey Bradberry.

The adventurous Louis de Rougemont invites you to hear his amazing story of bravery, survival and celebrity that left nineteenth-century England spellbound. Dare to be whisked away in a story of the high seas, populated by exotic islanders, flying wombats, giant sea turtles and a monstrous man-eating octopus. Shipwrecked examines how far we're willing to blur the line between fact and fiction in order to leave our mark on the world.

LOUIS DE ROUGEMONT (Male-identifying)-a proud ancient man and our principal storyteller. Charming, charismatic, and "utterly mutable". Age of performer is unimportant as long as he is able to convince us he is an old man one minute, and a boy the next. Some acrobatics/tumbling required: high jumps, cartwheels, hand/head stands, somersaults. Must have both an insatiable appetite for adventure and lungs of steel. Musical instrument proficiency a plus but not required.

PLAYER #1 (female BIPOC-identifying), contributes sound effects and portrays LOUIS' MOTHER, CAPTAIN JENSEN, YAMBA, FITZGERALD, A SOCIETY LADY, ALBERT'S MOTHER, AN OCTOPUS EXPERT, A MAP MAKER, A REPORTER, and A LIBRARIAN. Foley, puppetry, and/or musical instrument proficiency a plus but not required.

PLAYER #2 (all genders), plays many of the minor characters and is the principal FOLEY ARTIST, creating the sound effects before our eyes. Portrays BARKEEP, BRUNO THE DOG, GUNDA, BOBO, AN AUSTRALIAN PROSPECTOR, A SOCIETY LADY, ALBERT, QUEEN VICTORIA, A TURTLE EXPERT, A WOMBAT EXPERT, DR. LEOPOLD, PICKPOCKET, NEWSBOY, REPORTER, and LAWYER. Previous experience with Foley required. Puppetry and/or musical instrument proficiency a plus but not required.

TBD ADDITIONAL PLAYERS / ASST. STAGE MANAGERS, may play some of the minor parts and help with Foley, puppets, and/or music.

Pay: $1,000 Main cast; $500 understudies

Oil Lamp Theater adheres to CDC/Illinois/County Covid-19 safety protocols, as well as additional protocols designed to prioritizing the health and safety of all artists, staff, and patrons. This includes, but is not limited to: screening for artists and staff, sanitizing of the rehearsal space and common areas of the performance and audience space before each rehearsal/performance, weekly Covid-19 testing for unvaccinated actors, production team members and staff, upgraded MERV 13 filtration system in our facilities. For this production: Actors and Staff for all indoor activities will be masked and socially distanced within our routinely sanitized facilities. Actors in outdoor performances will be in an open-air performance space socially distanced at a minimum of 15' from the audience which will be masked.

Time Commitment:
The production will be presented in an outdoor space in Glenview, IL with performances in the evenings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays with matinees on Saturdays and Sundays. The run will be from July 29 to August 29. Rehearsals will begin around June 14 and will typically be held on weekday evenings and weekend days, depending on cast availability.

Material To Prepare:
For your tape: (Note for actors from the playwright: "Actors mustn't resort to facile caricatures. They must keep their choices subtle and true at all times, and never condescend to their characters or their audience."

Louis: (To us) Well well well!
Look at all you lovely-looking people out there!
My! So Many of you!
(To others; surprised.) Oh! There, too!
You vital, hummingbird creatures!
Hello and welcome to the temple of the imagination!
This hallowed hall where stories are told!
The managers of this reputable establishment have kindly lent me the use of their stage for ninety minutes or thereabouts, so that I may present to you ... An Entertainment!
Allow me to introduce myself:
My name, dear audience, is Louis de Rougement.
(To an audience member.) Aren't you clever, you're quite right it is French.
Rouge means red and mont means "mountain."
Louis of the Red Mountain at your service! (He bows.)
Are you ready to be astonished?
(He coaxes a response from the audience.) Are you? Well, good! You've come to the right place!

Contact Info:
First submissions are due Thursday, May 13 at 11:59 pm. More information about what to submit is included below. If we would like to see more from you, we will send you more information with another side or sides from the show to be taped and submitted by Monday, May 24. Final callbacks will be held in an outdoor tent in the evening on Monday, May 31.

If you are interested and available for this production please submit to Stephen Smith, Oil Lamp Theater Associate Artistic Director, by May 13 using the submission form at

Your submission should include:

Your headshot and resume;
Indicate the role you are auditioning for;
Let us know if you play a musical instrument;
Let us know if you have any experience with foley and/or puppetry; and Include a self tape of the monologue by Louis that is written below.
You should submit this tape regardless of the role for which you are submitting. Tape yourself from the waist up and send your tape as an UNLISTED link to YouTube or Vimeo.

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Posted Date: May 1, 2021