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The Sixth Festival

Play Submissions

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

The Sixth Festival--a climate change festival having its inaugural run April 22 - May 2--is seeking submissions for a short play festival. This will be a separate event from the main run, happening at the end of June as an event with Night Out in the Parks.

We're looking for play submissions to inspire, educate, and activate our gathered audience. Plays do not have to be about the Climate Emergency directly. Climate change is a symptom, we're the cause. But there should be an insight or angle that could change a mind or two. All genres are welcome. Although there is not a stipend available, chosen playwrights will be invited to collaborate in the process. Because of Covid-19, plays will be filmed in some way as well as performed outside with best Covid safety practices.

Play requirements:
-Able to be performed with a cast of 1-6 actors.
-Able to be performed outside (without sets, lights or videography) as well as performed inside and film-able.
-Between 2 and 15 minutes long.
-Plays about racial justice (which goes hand in hand with climate justice) are strongly encouraged.

Play formatting:
-Please include a regular title page with your name and contact information.
-Include a Character Breakdown at the start of the script. The breakdown should include any information you'd like us to know in terms of identities of the characters. If your play contains more than 6 characters, please be sure to include information about actor doubling.
-Title the document with the title of your play.
-Save your script as a PDF or Word document.

Contact Info:
Submit your application to Please include the following in your application:

-Playwright bio.
-A paragraph about how you see your play engaging with our dedication to changing the Climate Emergency?
-Optional: Play History: If your play has had any development or production history, please briefly tell us about it.

Reply To Email:

Posted Date: Apr 1, 2021