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HJ Enterprises

The Thompson Brothers Concert

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: $300 Stipend

HJ ENTERPRISES is looking for 5 black male singers who can act and or are comfortable getting into character. For this specific project we prefer singers who have a church background or feels comfortable with doing gospel vocals. Also each character has a very distinctive look so the actor will have to feel comfortable with heavy makeup and costume.

The project is a musical/ concert/ comedy show. It is revolving around a fictional gospel quartet group called the Thompson Brothers. They are a group of six brothers who are trying to be the next big group in the gospel industry, so they have a concert to present all of their songs to the public. This will be a concert with 10 songs that will sound good, be very churchy and also make the crowd laugh. We will perform live in front of an audience of 30 people (unless guidelines change and we can invite more or less) and it will be available virtually.

Actors Ages: 18 - 60

Character Breakdown:
Dennis Thompson- "The Cool Soprano" 60 years old and the second oldest brother. Doesn't talk much, he's the peace maker of the family and sings very high.

Harry Thompson- "The Suave Alto" 53 years old and the third oldest brother. Loves attention, loves fashion and doesn't mind showing his chest or wearing fitted pants. He used to be a background singer for prince and loves women. This actor can be a lighter skinned man or mixed race.

Jean Thompson- "The Smooth Tenor" 46 years old and 4th brother. Jean is a renaissance man, he's a pianist, a poet, and a jazz singer. He wears very classy clothing and loves to wear hats.

Pharaoh Thompson- "The Screaming Trail Lead" 37 years old and 5th brother. A very churchy guy, loves church, and old school gospel music. He's very loud and loves to have a good time.

Garrett Thompson- "The Chocolate Bass/Barritone" 33 years old and baby brother. Dennis is rough and has had a rough life. He has partaken in drugs and alcohol addictively and has lived on the streets. Now he's finally given his life back to God and sings with his brothers. Garrett has a Afro, and dark chocolate skin, a few bruises and bad teeth.

Time Commitment:
4-5 rehearsals

Contact Info:
Audition self tapes should be submitted to this Dropbox Link

Video submissions should include: Your name, Age, City, Do you have any acting experience? Do you have any church experience? A 60 second song.

If there are any questions they can be directed toward

Submissions will be accepted from January 6th till January 15th 8pm.

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Posted Date: Jan 6, 2021