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Eclectic Full Contact Theatre

Bloody Bay

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: $125

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre is accepting non-union submissions for their upcoming serialized Audio Drama podcast-Bloody Bay.

With murders becoming less and less frequent, the tourism industry in Bloody Bay, along with its population, is diminishing. But crime novelist Florence Palmer is desperate for inspiration and so upon hearing of their latest investigation, she moves to the small town, desperate to keep hopes of a new novel alive. When the case is quickly closed, Florence is unable to let her dream die and so she plans a murder of her own. (Comedy)

Sides for the characters can be found at Please choose which characters you would like to audition for and record the sides-one take per character (you can do multiple characters for the same series on the same track, but still only one take per character) one track per series. Please label the mp3 file TITLE OF SERIES_CHARACTER NAME_YOUR NAME and send mp3, a headshot/resume and any demo track you may wish, to

Audition submissions are due November 30th. Rehearsals will be online January 2.3.9.and 10th, with recording being done remotely January 16th and 17th. Pay is $125.

Please read the character breakdowns carefully. EFCT is committed to casting a diverse group of artists and will be adhering to the descriptions below. Some roles may be doubled.

Character breakdowns are as follows:

FLORENCE GARDNER - Female, Caucasian, early 50's. British
PERSON: Florence's wit and charm masks her ruthless inner core; she is ambitious and determined, always relying on herself to get the job done (mostly due to her frequent impatience with others). Florence often fools herself with her own salesmanship; despite believing she is good, she is as immoral as any of the villains in her highly successful murder mystery series'.
BACKGROUND: Continually inspired by the murders of Bloody Bay, Florence has moved there so that she can write her best novel yet. However, Florence's problems are not limited to a lack of inspiration. As her divorce is taking longer in litigation than the marriage enjoyed connubial bliss, it is threatening to litigate her into the poorhouse. She needs to write a new book and fast.

LEE MONTAGUE - Male, Latinx/Asian early 40's. Pretends to be British. Lee fakes his accent as he thinks it will get him further in the film industry. His American accent breaks through when he is not concentrating.
PERSON: Washed up leading man. Lee tries to wear his heart on his sleeve and yet, is incapable of sharing his real thoughts and feelings with everyone. He tries to be charming, but his charms always fall flat and he comes across as needy and desperate.
BACKGROUND: Some years back, Lee met Florence when he was making a brief splash on the Hollywood scene. Lee worked on the first movie adaptation of Florence's books and they became friends (and briefly lovers) during the period of filming. Despite the difference in their ages (Florence is ten years older than he), Lee, seeing that Florence was earning a great deal more than he, swept her off her feet and married her for monetary gain. When his career goes south, Lee, being cunning as he is, realizes that in divorcing Florence, he can become even richer. As Florence has always raised him in public ("my darling Muse and best editor a writer could want to live with"); he is claiming 50% of her royalties.

DENNIS SPENCER - Male, Black/Latinx late 50s.
PERSON: Dennis is an alcoholic unaware of his addiction. Despite being the life and soul of the party, he has far greater troubles internally. He is dry and sarcastic, although refuses to be the brunt of anyone else's joke. He doesn't like people becoming intimate with him in the fear that they will see past his external ostentation.
BACKGROUND: Dennis is an extremely successful dentist, although the mundanity of his career does not deter him from having a passionate love life. (There will be a great deal of humour brought out of this juxtaposition). Married to Barrie Spencer; the pair were renowned for their incredibly loud arguments. When Barrie is attacked, Dennis leads the fight to find her assailant, all the time dealing with the internal struggle that has come from the guilt of hitting her over the head with a hammer.

BARRIE SPENCER-female, Black/Latinx, Mid 40's
Wife to Dennis Spencer, she too has an addiction. Her shopaholism is driving Dennis to the poorhouse and is the cause of many of their brawls. It was during one of these donnybrooks that Dennis attacked her, and then shed a lot of crocodile tears as he called 911, reporting an intrusion, and begged the EMTs to save her. Alas (for Dennis), they saved her life, but left Barrie in a coma, which she recovers from midway into the series. She has total amnesia, and not only cannot recognize Dennis, but furthermore remembers little but getting lost all these months in a Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue.

CLINTON DEVENS/PERE LAURENCE--Male, Caucasian, early 40s
PERSON: Clinton is straight laced and kind. He has no real ambition but likes his job and the comfortable living it brings him and his wife, whom he adores. Despite Clinton liking his job, he is hopeless at it, as he can't ever catch any murderers.
BACKGROUND: Clinton is the police chief of Bloody Bay; it is no wonder there are so many murders here! His adoration of his wife blinds him to the possibility that she could be unfaithful. And on the rare occasion when he does sniff out a good clue (e.g. Dennis' wife was spending him into the poorhouse), he can't let truth interfere with his innate faith in his fellow man. He wooed his Southern Belle of a wife under slightly false pretenses, of which she often reminds him. But he really was telling the truth, his truth, when he told her of the beauties of Bloody Bay. He doesn't mind being able to swim in the frigid ocean only a few days a year. He never like Southern cooking anyway, so New England style milk chowder is fine by him. And what a great job his dad (the police chief of the day) was saving for him Down Easter accent (

PERE LAURENCE is a French-Canadian priest. Because of lack of vocations to the priesthood, he has been pulled out of retirement up in Quebec to fill in a vacancy at the Bloody Bay Ste. Anne parish. He is confident in his ability to speak English but he has no comprehension when someone speaks English to him. Complicated when a murderer wants to make a confession. Pere has a French Canadian accent, common in rural areas of Quebec.

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Please label the mp3 file TITLE OF SERIES_CHARACTER NAME_YOUR NAME and send mp3, a headshot/resume and any demo track you may wish, to

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Posted Date: Nov 6, 2020