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Eclectic Full Contact Theatre


Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: $100

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre is accepting submissions for their upcoming serialized Audio Drama podcast-Clusterf**k

CLUSTERF**K--Violet is a psychologist-in-training struggling to navigate young adulthood and a challenging master's program at a prestigious university. People are the most interesting thing in the world to her, and she wants nothing more than to understand them. If she helps someone along the way, cool. The catch? Violet might be sociopath. When Violet's professor diagnoses her with Cluster B Antisocial Personality Disorder and the news spreads throughout campus, the world that she used to sail through with ease and grace turns hostile. Her emotionally stunted, sleep deprived lab partner Penelope and high-strung roommate Keira are the only people who don't believe that Violet is a monster. (Dramedy)

Sides for the characters can be found at Please choose which characters you would like to audition for and record the sides-one take per character (you can do multiple characters for the same series on the same track, but still only one take per character) one track per series. Please label the mp3 file TITLE OF SERIES_CHARACTER NAME_YOUR NAME and send mp3, a headshot/resume and any demo track you may wish, to

Audition submissions are due November 30th. Rehearsals will be online January 23rd and 24th, with recording being done remotely January 31st. Pay is $100.

Please read the character breakdowns carefully. EFCT is committed to casting a diverse group of artists and will be adhering to the descriptions below. Some roles may be doubled.

Violet Khatri (22, South Asian Indian, female)

Violet is hard-working and charismatic when she wants to be. She's endlessly fascinated by people and willing to do whatever it takes to gain insight into the human psyche. She loves solving puzzles, and emotions are pretty much the biggest puzzle of all time. The more Violet learns about people, the further she gets from a clear, straightforward understanding of what makes them tick. Every time she thinks she's figured people out, they surprise her. Her inability to express empathy continuously complicates her goal.

Penelope Skoog (21, Caucasian, female)

Penelope is Violet's eternally lazy lab partner. Between late-night gaming and her professionally honed procrastination skills, Penelope doesn't remember the last time she was asleep by 3am. Despite her selectively enthusiastic work ethic, she's a literal genius with an IQ of over 140. She drops insightful truth bombs like it's her job, and she could be a stellar counselor if she wasn't utterly terrified of emotional intimacy.

Keira Holloway (23, biracial, female)
Keira is Violet's high-strung roommate and a staunch believer in plans. Keira's 16-year plan includes marrying her boyfriend Braxten, having three children, and running a successful private practice as a children's grief counselor by the time she's 34. She has a habit of pathologizing all of her friends' problems while systematically ignoring her own. Sure, she can be a tad bit overbearing, but it's only because she cares deeply about her friends and genuinely wants to see them happy.

Dr. Helen Marin (58, Caucasian, female)
Dr. Marin is the reason that students come to Mauve University. She's a legend in the field of cognitive psychology. After spending almost 40 years working in labs, she has missed out on developing a personal life. Nonetheless, she pressures her most naturally talented students, like Penelope, to follow in her academic footsteps. Dr. Marin is drawn to Violet as a subject of study, but she overlooks the fact that Violet is a person and not a bacterium in a petri dish. Just like Violet, Dr. Marin treats pretty much everyone as a potential subject. In order to watch Violet more closely, Dr. Marin hires one of Violet's patients to report to her, throwing ethics out the window in the name of science..

Dr. Steve Wilcox (46, Black/Latinx/Asian, male)
Dr. Wilcox attended college with Violet's parents, and he's known Violet since she was born. Violet is resistant to his continued involvement in her life, but Dr. Wilcox sincerely believes he has her best interests at heart. With a decade of experience as a therapist, Dr. Wilcox always prioritizes patients' emotional needs over bureaucracy or reputation. He thinks the intensely stressful environment at Mauve U is toxic to its students, professors, and especially the counseling program's patients.

Graham Arshaud (29, Middle Eastern, male)
Graham has been a student at Mauve U for eleven years. Seriously. He desperately wants to study music, but his crippling anxiety surrounding Western string instruments makes it difficult for him to pass basic courses. Add in his intense agoraphobia, and it's a miracle he ever makes it out of his dorm room. Dr. Marin offers to pay Graham off in exchange for reports about his meetings with Violet. He accepts her offer, but the guilt eats at him.

Braxten Jameson James (23, Caucasian, male)
Braxten is a multi-generational legacy student at Mauve U. In fact, his great-great-great grandfather founded the school. Prestige is everything to his family, and Braxten feels a tremendous amount of pressure when it comes to fulfilling his parents' expectations. Whenever a problem arises - such as, say, a debilitating chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis - Braxten believes he can handle it himself. He's a James, after all.

Shannon Ineza (22, Latinx, female)
Eternally chill, is a proud nerd in every aspect of her life. She's the more mature counterweight to the rest of the cast, especially her online gamer friend Penelope. Shannon is very self-aware, and she often gives Penelope reasonable advice on how to navigate uncomfortable emotional situations. Shannon loves getting to know new people, whether it's online or at her job at NASA

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Please label the mp3 file TITLE OF SERIES_CHARACTER NAME_YOUR NAME and send mp3, a headshot/resume and any demo track you may wish, to

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Posted Date: Nov 6, 2020