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Independent Production

Good Enough

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Good Enough: The Musical is a new musical that challenges us all. Ego's aside, are any of us good enough to fit into each other's worlds? Or, are we even good enough to fit into our own? A modern love story of two young men unexpectedly falling into the traps of love. Both with a promising career but still battling stigmas and social norms to uphold love itself. Love wins, but what if love isn't Good Enough?

The music style for this musical is mostly Soul, R&B, Hip-hop with a sprinkle of classic theatre. We're planning to open this musical Spring/Summer of 2021. We understand the current pandemic but wanted to get a head start on casting to see what talent Chicago has to offer.

Trevor (White Male, 20-25): Gay, live news reporter and college student with the look for TV. Very calculated but warms up and gets loose with those who are closer to him. Though intelligent, he's not well versed in other cultures and people. He falls in love unexpectedly, with love. Singing and dancing required.

Jamal (Black Male, 20-25) Down-low gay, soon to be pro, college basketball player. He's leveled headed and focused on the future but is haunted by a tragic past and absent father. His sexuality is a secret but not one to get in his way of success. He finally let's go and take a chance on love, which could cost him everything. Singing, rapping, and some movements required.

Nathan (Any Race Male, 20-30): Flamboyantly gay cameraman, that's the life of the party. He knows all the latest lingo and loves the hot boiled gossip. Though he's seen as full of life, there's another severe dimension to him where he battles his mental health. Nathan is a strong supporting character, with two solo songs. Singing and dancing required.

Darrell (Any Race Male, 20-30): College basketball player and Jamal's best friend. Jokester, lively, and loves finding a way to make things funny. He's a smooth slick talker, that knows how to flirt and give a sexy eye. Dancing required.

Deb (White Female, 30-50): Mom of Trevor and is her son's biggest fan. She tries to stay current with the latest trends and keep up with her son. All while doing so, she's struggling to keep her household in order. Singing and some movements.

Miss Woodard (Black Female, 30-50): Mom of Jamal. Full of wisdom and heart. She's been through many challenges throughout her life and knows how to weather any storm. Though she's taken seriously, she's always open for a good laugh, fun, and "telling it like it is." Singing and some movement required.

Phillip (White Male, 30-50): Father of Trevor. A construction worker that believes it's a man's world. Noted as the Archie Bunker and could come off as racist and bigoted. He's stern in his beliefs. NO singing and dancing required.

Joe (Black Male, 30-50): Father of Jamal. A born again Christian with a hurtful past. He's been absent from Jamal's life, and it's not without his reason. He's battling a tragic situation that has left him at odds with his son and estranged wife. Rapping is required.

Contact Info:
Please email, with the character's name you'd like to audition for in the email subject. Please include a resume and showreel link in the email. This is for non-equity performers.

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Posted Date: Jul 12, 2020