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Prop Thtr


Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

Prop Thtr is seeking video submissions for our devised new adaptation of FAUST, penned by Tanuja Jagernauth and directed by Olivia Lilley.

About the Show
FAUST will be a devised play that blends theatre, music, and storytelling. Inspired by Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's tragic plays, Faust, Prop Thtr seeks to explore themes of the healing/holistic arts, the medical-industrial complex, gig economies, and what's it like to freelance in a climate of late-stage capitalism.

About the Process
Prop Thtr commissions and develops new works from idea to full production in a Four Phase Process over the course of a year. We've provided an overview of this process below. The project will begin in Phase 1: a devising workshop, Fall 2020. Please note: If you were cast in this show, it would not take up your entire season. We've built an in-house method to allow for our actors to do multiple other shows within the timeline of the project. Also, most importantly, If you are cast in the workshop, you would have right of first refusal for the full production in Spring 2021.

Phase 1 (Generation) - establishing collective agreements, group exercises, character based improv, writing exercises, exploratory movement/choreography work, research, and more. (This phase involves the actors as primary generators, in exercises led by the playwright & director; 1 day a week.)

Phase 2 (Synthesis) - curation of generated material, script writing, further research, and more. (This phase involves just the playwright with support from director and dramaturg.)

Phase 3 (Development) - public/private readings, feedback sessions, physical exploration workshops, group conversations, and more. (Phase 3 is the phase that is most like new play development. We switch out our devising hats for more traditional roles, while also revising and holding fast to our collective agreements. Two private readings, at least. The playwright will meet one on one with each actor at least once.)

Phase 4 (Production) - A New Play Production Process; A focus on scene work, Text work, Staging, Design devising, and more. This culminates in a full-production. (Rehearsals: 8 weeks, 4 days a week. Run: 5-6 weeks with 4 performances per week.)

We are currently casting 6-8 roles, drawing inspiration from the characters of Goethe's Faust as well as from the contemporary Chicago world around us.

Pay:Prop Thtr is able to offer a $100 stipend for Phase 1. In Phase 4, every artist on the show will be guaranteed a minimum of $300+. Because everybody's final pay is determined by 50% of ticket sales, each artist is responsible for choosing and carrying out 3 marketing duties from a list of 10. Prop Thtr's marketing director will lead this process.

***All people are encouraged to audition, regardless of background, training, abilities, ableness, perceived talents, or experience level

Time Commitment:
Callbacks: Callbacks will take place via Zoom on Monday (April 20th), Tuesday (April 21st), and Wednesday (April 22nd). If contacted for a callback (you will know by April 17th), we will request that you sign up for a specific day and time slot.

Phase 1: One rehearsal a week, Mondays, starting August 17th until October 5th. Please note: We will be rehearsing on Tuesday, September 8th instead of Monday, September 7th in consideration of Labor Day.

Phase 2, 3, and 4: To be determined. Please see the "About the Process" section.

Contact Info:
Please send the following materials to by noon on April 9th:
-Headshot and Resume
-A link to your submission video (uploaded to YouTube). In this video, please share a 1-2 minute monologue or performance of a poem AND a 1-2 minute original piece inspired by this monologue from Goethe's Faust:

Please note: Your monologue or poem can be contemporary/classical/futuristic and from any source. Your original piece can be anything that excites you (poetry/spoken word, song/music, visual art, puppetry, movement/dance, a personal story inspired by the Faust excerpt, etc.). If it's more convenient for you to send in two video links: one to your monologue/poem and one to your original piece, please do so.

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Posted Date: Mar 26, 2020