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Random Acts

A Digital Fringe Festival

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Random Acts is looking for new and previously recorded content for our upcoming digital fringe festival, with donated proceeds going to The Actors Fund to support artists out of work.

Theatrical videos of all kinds will be edited into a virtual fringe schedule. Quick bites, like scenes, monologues, or songs, may be compiled into a digital showcase or cabaret with a virtual host. We will also feature full-length performances of recorded plays, concerts and events. Content will only be available for the duration of the stream.

New work created for the festival may be prioritized over other submissions, but pre-recorded material is welcome. The fest will be LIVE-STREAMED from a dozen accounts simultaneously on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Vimeo, Mixer and more.

We'd love to showcase all forms of art!
- selections from productions canceled due to COVID-19
- plays, musicals, and short films
- songs, cabarets and music videos
- stand-up and sketch comedy
- radio plays and readings
- burlesque and drag

Artists will be credited during the broadcast and in the online program, with links to relevant channels and pages.

Contact Info:
Please fill out this form by 4/1/2020 with a link to your content:

If you are submitting a longer video, you can link to the entire piece or a 10 minute selection.

Questions? Email or visit

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Posted Date: Mar 23, 2020