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Independent Production

New Play Reading at Parlor and Ramp

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Casting the role of Sarah: Adult Middle-Eastern Woman for a reading of a new play at Parlor and Ramp, part of a series of new work reading in the new space.

The play is called The Pass, and focuses on Davis, one of five a military aides who carry the presidential briefcase that holds the nuclear launch codes called the Football. As tensions in the situation room mount Fields another aide tries to take the football out of commission but is caught by Davis. They square off for ownership of the case, all while the fight is interrupted by Davis' flashbacks that inform the choices he is making in the room. From childhood to his deployment in Afghanistan the ghosts of his actions begin to weigh on Davis who is increasingly desperate to return the case to the president and keep his job normal. However, as the past continues to punctuate Davis' words, he begins to doubt his course and is forced to wrestle with making a sacrifice he was not prepared for.

There will be a rehearsal in the afternoon at the gallery, a break for dinner (provided), followed by the presentation of the play in the evening.

Time Commitment:
Performance Date: January 20th

Contact Info:
Please send headshot and resume to Aaron, interview to be schooled via email.

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Posted Date: Jan 5, 2020