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Pride Films and Plays

I Promised Myself To Live Faster

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Stipend

Pride Films and Plays is currently seeking ensemble members and understudies for its upcoming production of I Promised Myself to Live Faster by Gregory S. Moss, originally performed and devised by Pig Iron Theatre Company at the 2015 Humana Festival of New American Plays. The production will be directed by artistic associate JD Caudill (they/them).

Synopsis: I Promised Myself to Live Faster is an intergalactic gay extravaganza featuring closeted extraterrestrials, high-stakes pursuits, and nuns from outer space. In this wild work, Tim's out trolling for a good time when an order of intergalactic nuns charge him with a quest: retrieve the Holy Gay Flame from the clutches of the evil emperor Moody Garland to save the race of Homosexuals and restore the balance of power in the universe. But when he's captured by the fabulously androgynous Ah-Ni, Tim's chances look bleak. Ridiculous and delirious, this epic extravaganza of allegorical adventure redefines the search for identity for homosexuals.

General auditions will be October 22 + 23, 7-10PM at Pride Films and Play's Buena Theatre, 4147 N. Broadway. Upon submitting headshot and resume, you will receive a ten-minute audition slot. Callbacks will be October 26 beginning at 10AM, with actors released by no later than 2PM.


Casting information: with the exception of Tim, all actors cast in the ensemble will play multiple roles, so gender, race, and age are not considered defining features of any character - only characterization. We heavily encourage actors of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages to submit. If cast, please be comfortable with potentially presenting multiple characters of varying genders, as the play utilizes drag performance and gender-bending as fundamental aesthetics.

Tim: African-American, cis- or trans-masculine, 20s-30s. Depressed from a relationship that ended two years ago, Tim convinces himself to get out of his covered-in-leftover-Chinese-food bed when a Mysterious Grindr Dude asks for his help over at the local gay bar. Before he knows it, he's unwillingly pulled into space by intergalactic nuns to save the universe's homosexuals - human and otherwise. A madcap adventure through space helps him move on from his long-past relationship, cope with his depression, and find love again. Witty, charming, naive, and compassionate.

Mother Superior: The wise, patient, and inspiring head of the trio of nuns. She has given life to many of the universe's homosexuals, and is on an urgent mission to find the chosen human who can save all of the universe's homosexuals. She'll build you up, make you feel powerful, and before you can ask questions, she's already gracefully placed her hand on your back and shoved you in the direction of your quest.

Space Nun 1: A devout follower of Mother Superior. Pregnant with what might be the universe's last homosexual ever. Fiercely protective of her unborn child, highly suspicious of strangers' motivations. Quick to snap, and full of witty one-liners. Her family was killed by humans, and she'll never let that grudge go.

Space Nun 2: An oblivious airhead. If she found herself in a deadly fight, she may not realize it because she's distracted eating the stray cheese puff she just discovered fell down her shirt earlier. Extremely loving, quick to befriend everyone and be their cheerleader.

Bishop Ahni: Despite being an alien, Bishop Ahni is your classic closeted gay man from the 70s. Silver-tongued, quick to fight, consistently condescending, and insistent he has a wife and two - wait, no, three - kids. Which he of course had through marital intercourse. With his wife. Many times. Full of more insults than Kathy Griffin, and as sharply observant as Anderson Cooper. Starts the play as the villain, but finds himself letting down his facade to finally experience true love with Tim.

Other characters featured in the play: The Drag Queen, Madame George, A Mysterious Grindr Dude, The Mrithra (a space bull/horse combo), Argoshaun Guards, an Exotic Extraterrestrial Dancer, King Trout, Aliens, A Chinese Food Carton, Theo (Tim's ex-boyfriend), Lotusian Man-Hunters, Movie Star Boy, Imperial Guards, and The Evil Emperor Moody Garland.

Time Commitment:
1st Rehearsal: Monday, March 9
Tech: Saturday and Sunday April 18 + 19
Dress Rehearsals: Monday April 20 - Wednesday, April 22
Previews: Thursday, April 23 - Sunday, April 26
Opening: Monday, April 27
Closing: Sunday, May 31

Material To Prepare:
Please prepare a one- to two-minute performance of any performance style, so long as it could be considered queer in aesthetic or content and shows off your acting abilities. Want to perform a moving song? Go for it! Really great with puppets? Bring one in! In love with a style of dance? Come show off your training! Truly, this show calls for singing, dancing, puppetry, buffoonery, drag, camp aesthetics, lots of imagination, melodrama, sincerity, and much, much more, so we just want to see what makes you feel like a fierce queer performer telling a story you love. Struggling to think of material? No worries - a monologue is more than welcomed and appropriate. If singing, please be prepared to perform a cappella or self-accompanied on any instrument.

Contact Info:
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Audition Dates:

Oct 22 7-10pm
Oct 23 7-10pm
Oct 26 Callbacks 10-2pm
Posted Date: Oct 2, 2019