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The Comrades

The Layover

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

The Comrades are seeking actors for the second production of their 4th Season, THE LAYOVER by Leslye Headland (Russian Doll, Sleeping With Other People, Bachelorette), directed by Drew Shirley.

About the show: Ever wonder who that stranger is sitting next to you? What is their story? What are they hiding? Shellie and Dex dare to answer these questions after their flight is delayed on a snowy Thanksgiving night. What they discover about themselves, and each other, sends both of their lives into upheaval. Can you ever really get to know somebody when you're hiding so much yourself?

*the role of Shellie has been cast

Character Types/Restrictions:
DEX- (Male-identifying, late 30's) Romantic. Cynical. Defensive. Witty. Facing commitment and permanence with terror and reluctance. A survivor. Does not function well when alone with himself. An engineer. Please note this role involves intimacy and violence, the extent of which will be coordinated by an Intimacy/Violence Director.

FRED- (Male-identifying, late 40's and up) Shellie's Father. Lived a bumpy life and is now slowly deteriorating while his daughter cares for his medical issues. A rascal. Beer drinker. A hard worker and a cheat. Feels everyone gets what they deserve. Loves his daughter. Was once the boss and now has to have help in the bathroom.

ANDREA/MYA- (Female-identifying, late 30s-early 40s) ANDREA is recently divorced and looking down the barrel at 40. Fell for a younger man (Dex) who promised her the world but now her life is in a holding pattern. Sophisticated and entitled. On her own for the first time (with her daughter Lily). Emotional and terrified that she has made a mistake. Please note this role involves intimacy, the extent of which will be coordinated by an Intimacy/Violence Director.
MYA is a nurse who cares for Fred. Warm, kind, and wry.

LILY- (Female-identifying, 9-14) Andrea's daughter. Product of a broken home and displaced resentment. Spoiled. Emotional. Secretly wants a father and mother figure to take care of her. A good kid deep down. Please note, this role is written for a child but due to the subject matter of the play, we would prefer to cast an actor 18+ who can play 9-14. We rely on your best judgement to decide if this project is a fit for you artistically.

KEVIN/ARNO- (Male-identifying, late 30s-early 40s) KEVIN is Shellie's unemployed husband. Sells Fred's prescriptions but isn't a drug dealer. Considers himself street smart. A fighter. A dreamer. Justifies every choice he's made. Emotional.
ARNO is a private detective who has seen a lot of bad stuff, and takes his job seriously. He got into this line of work to keep people safe.

Time Commitment:
Rehearsals will start in early January 2020
Tech Weekend: February 15/16
Dress Rehearsals: February 18/19
Performances: February 20 - March 22, 2020
Performances at the Greenhouse Theater Center (Upstairs Studio)

Contact Info:
All roles are open to any ethnicity and we strongly encourage actors of color to submit. For consideration, please submit headshot and resume as ONE PDF file: Last, First_HSR.pdf as well as your availability Sunday, September 22 between 2:00-8:00 pm to Casting Director, Alison Plott at

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Audition Dates:

Sep 22 2-8pm
Posted Date: Sep 3, 2019