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Shattered Globe Theatre

Be Here Now

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Stipend

Shattered Globe Theatre is seeking an understudy for the role of Mike in Be Here Now.

Short description of the play:
Bari, an atheist and misanthrope, loses her job teaching nihilism in New York City and ends up working in a fulfillment center in her small hometown. Her empathetic co-workers push her toward yoga, meditation, and a blind date in the pursuit of happiness. But recently, her recurring headaches have gotten more intense, manifesting as ecstatic and almost religious experiences - and they are changing her entire outlook. She's almost . . . happy! When she finds out that these rapturous headaches may be killing her, Bari needs to choose: does she live a shortened, joyful life - or does she risk a return to her past life of misery. Be Here Now takes audiences on a hilarious and poignant quest for meaning in modern life.

Mike Cooper (Man, 40-60) makes beautiful art out of garbage-that's who he is now. He has a pet crow.

Time Commitment:
The show runs September 8 thru October 19. Understudy would rehearse one evening per week and attend one performance a week.

Material To Prepare:
Script and sides will be provided to those invited to audition.

Contact Info:
Please submit headshot and resume to

Reply To Email:

Posted Date: Sep 3, 2019