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The Arc Theatre

Stop Kiss

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Stipend

The Arc Theatre is holding auditions for Stop Kiss by Diana Son and directed by Kanome Jones! This production runs January/February 2020.


Remember, this is the year 1999/2000. It may seem very recent, but things have progressed quite a lot (for good and for bad) in the past 20 years!

- CALLIE - She is at a pivotal moment in her life: the age of 30. There's something about Callie's external sense of stability and togetherness coupled with her internal struggles that only someone in that transitional age can understand. She's been in New York for eleven years and carries that confidence and energy with her. Something has been rising underneath which is causing major waves in the ocean. Perhaps she simply hasn't opened herself up enough to all of the possibilities in her life.

- SARA - Having spent time in Missouri for college, it is a big deal for someone to come from St. Louis and head to New York. Sara is slightly younger than Callie. She's young to the world of possibilities. She has options now. She didn't know what having options was like. Helicopters are actually the most exciting thing. Her natural effervescence and hope draws Callie in. Sara has a big heart, and her hesitancy comes from the lack of knowledge in how to navigate in a bigger ocean.

- GEORGE - He has lived in New York for 11 years, just like Callie. He and Callie have that relationship/friendship where we begin by wondering why they aren't together. The co-dependency is real. He's not possessive and controlling. His friend/his love is going through something and she's shutting him out.

- PETER/DET. COLE - Two masculine men who need to lead with their hearts in order for them to exist. Peter loves Sara. He deeply wants to take care of her. Peter should break our heart. Detective Cole has no stake in the game - is actually just trying to get to the bottom of things. He's a New York Detective after all. This role-doubling requires a versatile actor for sure!

- MRS WINSLEY/NURSE - This woman is not removed from the times despite her disconnectedness with queer culture. She is simply doing all that she can to reconcile with what has happened outside of her apartment. In other words: Mrs. Winsely calls a spade a spade and, just like of the era, doesn't quite get the whole loving the same gender thing. Gives no shit. But also isn't going to stand for someone being murdered in her front yard. This woman will also play the Nurse.

This is a non-union production, and actors will be paid a $300 stipend for their commitment. As of this time, there will be no understudies for this production.

Time Commitment:
-Rehearsals: December 9-20, 23, 26, 27, 30, January 2, 3, 6-10*
-Tech: January 11 & 12
-Dress: January 13 & 14
-Preview: January 15
-Performances: January 16 - February 9, Thursday-Sunday**
(Performances times are generally 7:30pm Th-Sat and Sunday at 6pm - this will be confirmed at a later date.)
*Rehearsals are in the evening from 6:30-10, and they will most likely be held at PFP's Wilson Space near Clark and Wilson in Uptown. This will be confirmed at a later date!
**Due to Jeff Award Eligibility, there may be an extra two performances added to this schedule based on the actor's availability!

Contact Info:
To submit: with a headshot/resume in one pdf file
-you will be contacted with details, sides, and the script
-Callbacks are Aug 24th and 25th. An initial video submission is acceptable on the 17th, but actors should be available for callbacks regardless.

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Audition Location:

Pride Arts Center - The Buena
4147 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL

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Audition Dates:

Aug 17 10-5:30pm
Posted Date: Aug 13, 2019