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Citadel Theatre Company

The Fantasticks

Category: Equity/Non-Equity
Pay: Yes

Citadel Theatre is pleased to announce Equity/non-Equity auditions for its winter production of The Fantasticks, with book and lyrics by Tom Jones, music by Harvey Schmidt, and directed by Pat Murphy.

The Fantasticks is the longest-running musical in the world and with good reason: at the heart of its breathtaking poetry and subtle theatrical sophistication is a purity and simplicity that transcends cultural barriers. The result is a timeless fable of love that manages to be nostalgic and universal at the same time. The Fantasticks is a funny and romantic musical about a boy, a girl, and their two fathers who try to keep them apart. The narrator, El Gallo, asks the audience to use their imagination and follow him into a world of moonlight and magic. The boy and the girl fall in love, grow apart and finally find their way back to each other after realizing the truth in El Gallo's words that, "without a hurt, the heart is hollow."

Citadel Theatre welcomes actors of all races, genders, gender identities, ethnicities, ages, and physical abilities to our auditions.

Citadel Theatre is an Equity Cat N house. Unfortunately, we cannot offer EMC credit at this time.


The Narrator (El Gallo): A rakish, handsome, sophisticated gallant and narrator of the show. He is warm, cordial, and inviting to the audience, but has his own darker moments. He aids the performers in orchestrating the story. Age: 30 to 50. Baritone.

The Girl (Luisa): A button-maker's young and pretty daughter, she is a romantic idealist who falls in love with Matt. She is naive, yet honest and tender. Age: 16 to 25. Soprano.

The Boy (Matt): An innocent, young man who is searching for love and adventure. A bright guy, but naive and even foolish at times, approaching situations with a false bravado. Age: 16 to 25. Baritone.

The Boy's Father (Hucklebee): A former boisterous navy man and meticulous gardener who fakes a fight with Bellomy in hopes of getting their children to fall in love. Age: 40 to 60. Baritone.

The Girl's Father (Bellomy): A fastidious button-maker and also a picky gardener who fakes a fight with Hucklebee in hopes of getting their children together. Age: 40 to 60. Baritone.

The Actor (Henry): An aging, over-the-top Thespian who specializes in reciting Shakespeare, he is a commedia clown; his world is the stage and he knows no other reality. Age: 50 to 70

The Man Who Dies (Mortimer): Henry's goofy sidekick and another former actor who specializes in stage deaths. A commedia clown, his world is the stage and he does not live in reality. Age: 40 to 60.

The Mute: A speechless presence who watches, acts as the wall, and deals with props; the "invisible" stage assistant. Should be able to easily assist in the story or fade into the background unnoticed. Ageless.

Pay: Non-Equity: Per performance/rehearsal stipends; Equity: Cat N.

Time Commitment:
Production Dates: February 5, 2020 - March 8, 2020. NOTE: All performances will be held at Citadel Theatre in Lake Forest. Rehearsals will tentatively begin in late December/early January.

Material To Prepare:
Please prepare a contemporary comic monologue not to exceed 60 seconds and 32 measures of a traditional musical theatre song. No belting please! The song may not be from "The Fantasticks." Please have your music marked for the accompanist. A cappella singing is not allowed.

Contact Info:
Please email your electronic H/R with your audition request to Please put "The Fantasticks" in the subject field. If you would prefer a specific time(s), please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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Audition Location:

Citadel Theatre Company
300 South Waukegan Road
Lake Forest, IL

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Audition Dates:

Jul 20 11-5pm
Posted Date: Jul 7, 2019