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Bard In The Burbs


Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Auditions for Bard in the Burbs' upcoming production of Shakespeare's Macbeth, directed by Sean Ogren & Suzanne Ogren, are set for Sunday, July 21st and Monday, July 22nd from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, with callbacks Tuesday, July 23rd @ 7:00pm at:
Stacey De & Company
1946 University Ln
Lisle, IL 60532

Please note that this show is non-equity and there is no pay.

The following roles are available for color-blind casting:

Macbeth - male | 30 thru 60
Thane of Glamis who is haunted by possession; his honor is destroyed by his actions.

Lady Macbeth - female | 30 thru 60
Macbeth's wife, also haunted by possession; discovers that guilt is not easily avoided.

Merga - female/male | any age
Leader of the Wyrd Sisters who possess the Macbeths. Also disguised as the Third Murderer.

Boyman - female/male | any age
One of the Wyrd Sisters who possess the Macbeths; speaks of things present. Also disguised as Old Man and Waiting Gentlewoman.

Arriens - female/male | any age
One of the Wyrd Sisters who possess the Macbeths; speaks of future things. Also disguised as the Porter.

Banquo - male | 30 thru 50
Macbeth's loyal friend; father of Fleance

Duncan / Doctor of Physic / Second Murderer - male | 30 thru 60
King of Scotland, a gracious, pious, and gentle man / The Doctor who attends to Lady Macbeth / A murderer hired by Macbeth

Malcolm - male | 20s
Duncan's eldest son; rightful heir to the throne.

Donalbain / First Murderer / Seyton - male | 20s
Duncan's second son / A murderer hired by Macbeth / An officer attending Macbeth

Fleance / Young Siward - male | teens thru 20s
Banquo's son / Siward's son, killed fighting Macbeth

Macduff - male | 30 thru 60
Thane of Fife; puts the welfare of Scotland ahead of his own family.

Lennox - male | 20 thru 40
A Thane attending on Duncan

Ross - male | any age
A Thane

Lady Macduff / Siward / Cawdor - female | 20 thru 50
Macduff's wife; killed protecting her family / Malcolm's uncle; a veteran soldier of the English King's / a Thane

Time Commitment:
Performances for Macbeth will take place from Friday September 20th thru Sunday September 29th:
- Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 p.m.
- Sundays at 7:00 p.m.

Rehearsals will be held four nights a week, Sunday thru Thursday evenings, with one night off depending on availability of the rehearsal space.

Material To Prepare:
Auditions and callbacks will consist of scenes from the play.

Contact Info:
To sign up for auditions, please send a request titled "Macbeth Audition" to

Reply To Email:


Audition Dates:

Jul 21 6-10pm
Jul 22 6-10pm
Jul 23 Callbacks 7pm
Posted Date: Jul 2, 2019