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Theater Wit

Teenage Dick

Category: Equity/Non-Equity
Pay: Yes

Theater Wit is now accepting self-taped submissions for the roles of Richard and Buck in our upcoming production of TEENAGE DICK, by Mike Lew, directed by Brian Balcom.

ABOUT THE PLAY: In this brilliant retelling of Shakespeare's Richard III, one of the most famous disabled characters in history is reimagined as a 16-year-old outsider taking on the political turmoil of high school. Bullied for his cerebral palsy (and his sometimes disturbing tendency to speak with a Shakespearean affect), Richard plots his well as his glorious path to the senior class presidency. But as he falls deeper into a pattern of manipulation and greed, Richard is faced with an unexpected choice: Is it better to be feared or loved? TEENAGE DICK is a hilarious and sharp-witted adaptation about perception, disability, and the treacherous road to ascendancy.

Audition Location: Self-tape
Audition Dates: Send self-tape ASAP. Deadline: June 22nd, 2019


-Richard Gloucester- seeking a male-identifying actor of any race with cerebral palsy; Age indeterminate, to play 17 yr old high-schooler. Richard is the junior class secretary, slyly ambitious, and too smart for his own good. He just wants the world to be more fair to people like him.

-Barbara "Buck" Buckingham - seeking a female-identifying actor of any race with a physical disability requiring a wheelchair or assisted mobility device; Age indeterminate, to play 17 yr old high-schooler. Buck is Richard's best friend, earnest, and has a good sense of humor about her disability.

Please note that we are seeking actors with disabilities for the roles of Richard and Buck; Please do not submit self-tapes these roles if you do not fit the character descriptions. Thank you!

Tier III

Rehearsal week: $442/week
Tech week: $546/week
Performance week: $260/week, with $39 added for each performance over 5

Time Commitment:
Tentative Production Dates:
Rehearsals: February 17th-March 22nd 2020
Tech Begins: March 9th, 2020
Previews: March 13th-15th; March 19th-22nd 2020
Press Opening: March 23rd 2020
Closing: May 2nd, 2020

Contact Info:
Email asap with subject line "SELF-TAPE" to receive auditions sides and self-tape instructions.

Reply To Email:

Posted Date: Jun 12, 2019