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Wayward Sisters Theatre Ensemble

Staged Reading Audition

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Wayward Sisters Theatre Ensemble is accepting video submissions for their new play showcase: Work-Shopping Women's Voices.We promise to value your time so that everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience. Scripts will be provided. Please see below for the characters we are searching for!

Audition Location: Online (video submission)

By Molly Wagner

Maggie Stewart - An overweight female-identifying character in her mid to late twenties (women's size 16 or above.) Maggie is confident, observant and driven. She does battle some insecurities but carries herself with wit and charm.

Jordan Stewart - A thin or average sized female-identifying character in her mid to late twenties. Jordan is the older sister of Maggie who works hard to preserve an image of herself. She is recently engaged and bent on creating her dream wedding,even if that means burying elements of her past.

Alex - A fit or average sized male-identifying character in his mid to late twenties.He is Maggie's fun and sweet neighbor whom she is harboring a secret crush on. He is casual, laid back and has good intentions, even if he occasionally misses the mark.

Nick - A fit or average sized male-identifying character in his late twenties to early thirties. He is Jordan's new fiance and tows the line between confidence and arrogance. He can be a bit standoffish and unobservant, not always registering how his words affect those around him.

By Pam Dickler
*** WARNING: This play deals with suicide and religion.

SANDRA: 21-years old. Female. Strong-willed, devout atheist.

HELEN: 31-years old. Female. Sandra's religiously devout older sister. She had to grow up much too fast, taking care of her sister.

FATHER MICHAEL: 40-60ish. Male. Longtime church leader

DOCTOR MOREY/MORI: 35-40ish. Big likable fish in very small pond

CASSIE: (ADULT ACTOR): 11-years old. Female. Full of energy and questions. She is Sandra as a child, before she lost her way.

Time Commitment:
3 rehearsals based on Actor availability
THE CALORIE COUNTERS: July 14th at 2pm
LIFE DEFYING ACTS: July 13th at 5pm
***All plays will have a talk back to follow but actors are not required to attend.

Contact Info:
To submit please email with your headshot, resume, and one minute monologue.
br> Accepting Submissions until June 15th at 5pm

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Posted Date: Jun 10, 2019