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Eclectic Full Contact Theatre

Chicago 24!

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: No Pay

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre is back with our bi-annual theatre event "Chicago 24!"

Come join us for 24 hours of artistic mayhem, and get the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best writers, directors, and actors Chicago's storefront theatre community has to offer.

When is it? July 14th to the 15th 2019.

Where is it? Laugh Out Loud Chicago; 3851 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

Who is it? All the awesome storefront talent we can fit in the theatre.

How is it? Awesome! So Much Fun!

Why is it? On a more serious note. We at Eclectic noticed a few years back that as artists in Chicago we have a tendency to work with the same artistic teams over and over again. It's because those teams are awesome, but it honestly goes against what being in theatre is all about: meeting new, interesting, amazing people and hearing all of their new, interesting, amazing opinions, insights, and idea. "Chicago 24" is our way of turning that around.

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Interested? Good. To apply for this year's production or get more information check out our application form at the link below or email us at We can't wait to see you there!

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Posted Date: Jun 10, 2019