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Redd Opera Co.

The Miracle

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

The Miracle - A Red Opera Co. Production
Written by Joel Potash
Director- Sonita L. Surratt, Producing Artistic Director Redd Opera Co.
Casting Director- Tamara M. Sibley

Concentration Camp, 1944. It's Chanukah in the worst of times and the least likely place where human transformation is expected. At a glance, their uniforms suggest a known and horrid story: Moishe, a yellow star of David; Christopher, a pink triangle; Heinrich, a swastika. Can a single candle illuminate and transform the hearts of these men in such a place?

Seeking- 4 Male Actors and 1 Female Actor with Strong Dramatic Skills.

MOISHE- 45, Jewish, Male, Dark Curly Hair, Sickly, Gaunt, Frail, Educated, Father, Husband, Prisoner. Son of Jewish parents, a one time energetic owner of a successful thriving accounting firm. He married Ruth and embraced his Judaic values. Once proud father of son Yossele until he discovered Yossele's a homosexual and disowned him. Ability to speak Hebrew a PLUS!

RUTH- 35, Female, Caucasian, Blonde, Attractive, Seductive, Expressive, Educated, Strong, Wife, Mother, Determined, Devoted. She met and married Moishe while a secretary with his accounting firm, and converted to Judaism. She deeply loves Moishe and their son Yossele. Ability to speak Hebrew a PLUS!

OLDER YOSSELE (VO)- 20, Male, Jewish, Handsome, Dark Curly Hair, Gay, Educated, Smart, Loving, Kind, Happy. He's the beloved child of Moishe and Ruth. He loves his parents and fears he could lose them. He is happy, secretly living with his partner, Yoshua.

YOUNGER YOSSELE- 5, Male, Jewish, Dark curly Hair, Cute, Exuberant, Happy, Smart, Curious. He adores his parents and always eager to please them. His favorite time of year is Chanukah. Ability to speak Hebrew A PLUS!

CHRISTOPHER- 22, Male, Caucasian, Prisoner, Nice Looking, Artist, Gay, Self-Assured, Sensitive, Loving, Compassionate. Works at a social club and is an "out" gay man despite the opposing abuse he receives. He loves his parents but is estranged from his father. He adores his mother and visits when his father is away. NOTE: Actor cast as CHRISTOPHER will double as YOSSELE (VO)

HEINRICH- 45, Male, Caucasian, German, Overtly Masculine, Soldier, Guard, Father, Divorced, Closeted Homosexual. He is not a Nazi, but the German Army served as his refuge and hiding place. He is secretly sympathetic toward the prisoners and attracted to Christopher.

For the role of YOUNGER YOSSELE, director is seeking an older youth actor who can believably play 6-7 year old. Actor cast as CHRISTOPHER will double for OLDER YOSSELE (VO). For the roles of MOISHE, RUTH and YOUNG YOSSELE the ability to Speak Hebrew a PLUS!

Pay- Flat Fee for Rehearsals & Performances.

Auditions will be held at Northshore Baptist Church- 5244 N. Lakewood Ave Room #306, Chicago, IL 60640

Callbacks- Early December 2017- Date/Time/Location TBA

Time Commitment:
Rehearsals: Northshore Baptist Church
5244 N. Lakewood Ave, Chicago, IL. 60640
Dec 7, 2017 - Jan 20, 2018 Mon- Sat
Weekly-6-9pm (3-4 Days) Sat 10am-3pm
Tech: The Greenhouse Theatre Center 2257 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60614
Jan 22-25, 2018
Performances: The Greenhouse Theatre Center
Preview- Jan 25, 2018 8PM
Run- Jan 26-28, 2018 Fri & Sat 8pm Sun 3pm

Material To Prepare:
Prepare 2 Contrasting 90 sec Dramatic Monologues Classical and Contemporary.
Prepare 16 bars of a musical selection: Ballad or Lullaby.
Bring 2 Current headshots and resumes.

Contact Info:
Please submit to Casting Director.

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Audition Dates:

Nov 15 5:30-9pm
Nov 16 5:30-9pm
Nov 20 5:30-9pm
Nov 21 5:30-9pm
Posted Date: Nov 7, 2017