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Li'l Buds Theatre

Those Silly Reindeer!

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Yes

Audition Notice Li'l Buds Theatre Company Original Holiday Musical- Those Silly Reindeer! written by Jenny Lamb And Jeff Predmore

Synopsis of Show
It's almost Christmas Eve at the North Pole and something is wrong! Holli, the Snow Princess has gone on vacation and since she left, temperatures have been rising and all the snow has melted! And those silly reindeer can't take off and fly, because the grass tickles their hooves! Santa is busy planning a backyard BBQ so he, sends Jack the Bird and LeeLee the Christmas tree off on an adventure to find Holli and bring her back before Christmas Eve. Will they reach Holli in time? Will Christmas be saved?? Will Santa burn the hot dogs???

Character Descriptions

LeeLee - a Christmas tree, very concerned about his appearance, a soulful singing and hot dog lovin' adventurer. Best friend of Jack the Bird.

Holli - a Snow Princess, loving and sweet. Needs to get away, but can't seem to leave the work behind. Great comedic timing and beautiful signing voice.

Elf - an Elf of few words, but boy are they zingers! Santa's right hand man, also appears as other characters at Holli's Undisclosed Tropical Location. Role gender non specific child under 5' 1 preferred. (Child age 10 and above)

4 Reindeer - normally very demure, but with the grass tickling their hooves, they are out of control! They perform little vignettes during scene transitions and serve as greek chorus throughout the show - must be comfortable with improvisation. (CHILDREN aged 10 and above)

Auditions will be held at the Edge Theater 5451 N. Broadway on Monday 9/18 from 6:30-9:00pm.

Time Commitment:
Show rehearses 10/16-11/26 (No rehearsals 11/22-11/25 for holidays)
Tech 11/27-11/30
Opens 12/1-12/17 Friday night at 7pm Saturdays at 1 and 6:30pm and Sundays at 2pm.
All Rehearsals and Performances will be held at Edge Theater.

Contact Info:
To Schedule an appointment please email attn: Reindeer casting. Please include availability that evening and an updated head shot and resume. You will be contacted with an appointment slot. Sides will be provided with audition confirmation.

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Audition Dates:

Sep 18 6:30-9pm
Posted Date: Aug 14, 2017