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Alone With Friends

Category: Non-Equity Audition
Pay: Some Pay

While dealing with his first major breakup, Steven Hilton seeks friendship and reanalyzes the relationships in his life. Wondering what he wants and who is a true friend, Steven attempts to discover if straight and gay men can truly be friends.

Auditions are Saturday March 25th from 11am-3pm in one-hour time blocks.

Seeking a diverse ensemble of actors for the following roles.

Steven – 30s, African-American; A theatre manager, recently single and questioning if he and straight men can be true friends

Tonya – 30s, African-American; Steven’s best and realest friends; honest and compassionate, driven to succeed in life

Phillip – 30s, no set race; Steven’s best (and only?) gay male friend; He might be sassy, but he’s loyal as hell.

Alex – 30s, no set race; One of Steven’s straight male friends. He is a Groupon manager and also recently single with regrets over the breakup. He is pretty laid back and nonjudgmental.

Greg – 30s, no set race; Steven’s fraternity brother; Works at a vet clinic and beer pong fanatic

David – 30s, no set race; One of Steven’s straight male friends whom he met in Vegas. He is a department store manager and not afraid to flirt his way into a job or favorable situation.

Pay: minimal workshop type pay: a rehearsal stipend and then a share of 40% of gross ticket sales.

Auditions will be held at 3502 N. Elston

Material To Prepare:
Those invited will be asked to prepare a one-minute monologue as well as sides from the script.

Contact Info:
If interested, please send electronic copies of HS (if available) and Resume.

Reply To Email:


Audition Dates:

Mar 25 11am-3pm
Posted Date: Mar 9, 2017